Hotels mit Casino in Shreveport und, Louisiana -

Best casino in or near Shreveport?

Turning 21 soon so I figured I would go to a place where I could get free drinks and not pay ante. I only play table games, which would be the best one for me?
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Shreveport/Bossier City Casinos

I'm planning a weekend trip with my gf to the Shreveport/Bossier City area and we want to stay at one of the casinos and do some gambling. Which casino should we stay at? From what I can tell, it looks like Horseshoe, Margaritaville, Sam's Town, and Eldorado are the main ones. Do they all serve free drinks while gambling? Which has the best rooms, food, etc? If we wanted to return, which casino offers the best rewards program that would offer us possible discounts? Thanks in advance!
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Dev Diary 11: Welcome to Texas and Oklahoma

Dev Diary 11: Welcome to Texas and Oklahoma
Howdy there partners, and welcome to the Wasteland’s finest rodeo! Down here in Texas and good old Oklahoma, things work differently from the rest of the Wasteland. Oh yes, you see here we’re a fine folk, a refined folk, the kind of people who greet you with smiles and a face-full of buckshot if you even think about whipping out your tire iron. Yes, life here is simple, rustic, and downright apocalyptic...
The region in all its glory!

That’s right Wastelanders, it’s time for another exciting dev diary! Today, we’re focusing on just some of the map changes and additions brought to you by the team. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll reveal more about the factions you see before you, more of our other map changes, and give you some tasty insight into the way things work past the Legion’s border.To begin with though, why don’t we delve deep into the twisted guts of the map itself, and pull back the veil on this beautiful view you’d love to call home.
Aren't provinces beautiful?
Every map expansion begins here, the province map. For this update, a big focus for me was returning to my roots when it came to province design. More small, organic provinces, built up into many states that a great number of nations can occupy. The new playable region brought forth in 3.0 feels as dense and lively as the West Coast, without having nearly as many provinces dotted along its shoreline.
There’s a vast variety of terrain in 3.0, from jungle, to marsh, to plains, urban, and deserts. 3.0 feels and plays like a small microcosm of the larger map, an area rich with lore from a game many people don’t even know about.Before we talk about that, though, let’s take a look at the states.
Dare you count all these states?
If you took the arduous time to count all of that before reading, let’s see if you were right! That’s 96 new states. Oh yes my friends, that’s right, your faithful friend here didn’t stutter now, did I? We’ve got 96 new states for you to control, conquer, and explore in 3.0: and they’re full of interesting characters.Why don’t we get on to that, actually?
In 3.0, we’re representing the lore of the often hated and forgotten Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, as well as it’s cancelled sequel; Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2. Many of you may have never heard about these games, let alone played the first, so it’s time for a little history lesson.
After the defeat of Unity, the super mutant army of the Master fractured into many pieces. Two leaders arose from the ashes, and they led large hordes of mutants out of California to greener pastures for plunder and glory. The important one is Attis, who led his new troops to Texas, in an attempt to uncover the secrets of FEV.
A brotherhood detachment had already left to face off against the first mutant general, and with Attis’ departure, another group inside the Western Brotherhood wanted to chase them down. The Council of Elders said no, fearing another disaster like that which had happened to the first group, but ultimately a splinter faction formed.
It was led by none other than High Elder Rhombus, and he led a group of scribes and paladins to chase down the largest super mutant army in the West, forming what would later be known as the “Texas Expedition.”Settling into the heartland of Texas, this new offshoot developed themselves, recruiting from the local population. They ran them through a training course utilising hologram technology, turning them into initiates. One of these initiates became the protagonist of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, and went on a large journey, tracking Attis all the way to his target destination: the Secret Vault.
The Secret Vault was the holy grail for Attis, a place where the secrets of FEV were laid bare, and the secret headquarters of Vault-Tec. Built under the nose of the US, it was the control centre of all Vault-Tec infrastructure, designed to facilitate what Vault-Tec promised thousands of Americans: a safe life underground. The Vault was equipped with state of the art facilities to conduct unethical experiments, and was staffed by unique robots unlike anything the player had ever seen before, or since.
Attis would eventually turn himself into a true abomination, an amalgamation of flesh and FEV, taking after the Master’s image in a final face-off against the protagonist.
Thus ended Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 1. We must now go more than a hundred years into the future, a mere decade before OWB starts. The Brotherhood have consolidated their power, but outside threats are pressuring their organisation. Attis Army has split into two halves, led by two mutants respectively. Shale, a die-hard mutant supremacist who wants to reform the Army, and Keats; a super mutant who wishes to create a place in which super mutants and humans live and work together in harmony, free from oppression.
But underneath the surface, a great plot is brewing. Reese, a former member of the Cyphers, a group who despise technology in all its forms, has acquired a broken GECK. This GECK has the ability to mutate anything it touches, twisting the world around it into a mockery of life itself. It is the Corrupted GECK, and Reese has big plans for it. He seeks to destroy the Texan Brotherhood, and plunge the region into chaos.
The protagonist of the cancelled Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 went across Texas, on the hunt for many things, but eventually Reese himself. They entered Lone Star, where they found evidence of his tampering, and scouts of the Legion. They travelled throughout Brotherhood territory, watching as the group was set upon by numerous raider gangs, all coordinated and persuaded by Reese.
They visited Austin, where the tensions between the two super mutant factions was growing. Originally, Keats would always die. You could choose between Shale or Keats, but ultimately, he was always assassinated during a speech. But we decided that was boring. Scarlet (our protagonist of choice) saved Keat’s life, becoming bros for life in the process, and Shale was exiled from Austin alongside his goons.
They then travelled, finally, to The Corpse. Within the ruins of a sunken Corpus Christi, Reese’s lair waited in the harbour, and there a final battle ensued. Everything up until now, barring Keat’s survival, is canon. Now, let’s jump into the juicy OWB fanon.
Ultimately winning the fight, Scarlet took his GECK and hauled it across Texas, travelling a great distance to a remote location, far from large and established communities. She put the GECK down in what was to be its final resting place, and became its guardian and protector. Over the decade, its influence spread, creating a beautiful but deadly blood red canopy of mutant fauna, a place the natives of Texas refer to as Eden. Any and all who enter the twisted jungle without permission wind up dead, victim to the protagonist’s legendary assassination skills.
So, there’s your juicy jet high of lore. Now, how about we get onto the region as a whole in OWB’s 2275? Many nations in Texas and Oklahoma, such as Carbon, Los, Shale's Army, Unity of Austin, Lonestar, the Texan Brotherhood, and others are all based in Fallout lore. Since we’re here, let’s go over them all in some more detail.
Pecos: a collection of settler communities from Mexico, who primarily trade with the RRG and Las Granjas. Having struggled to maintain their independence over the last few decades, recent events have continued to destabilise their peaceful towns.
Los: The Church of the Lost has recovered since the fall of the Secret Vault and the death of their old leader Blake. These survivors from Necropolis hope to live out the remainder of their days seeking nirvana within the hallowed streets of Los.
Carthage: a civilised raider nation built over the ruins of Carthage, a town built atop a gigantic and largely untapped natural gas reserve. They use flame to do everything, from powering their cities to cooking their enemies alive.
Carbon: The town of Carbon has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. Recently the town is on an upswing - yet there are some that worry that the raiders that once destroyed their small town may come back again.
The Pursuant: a vicious hunting lodge of civilised raiders who hunt the greatest monsters the wasteland has to offer, from terrifying, legendary Deathclaws, Horrifying Mirelurk Queens, and the most exclusive game of all: man. Traders must constantly be aware, as they are always on the hunt.
Unity of Austin: led by Keats, the ever charismatic super mutant politician and every man, the Unity of Austin is a staunch ally of the Brotherhood, seeking to create a Wasteland in which mutants and humans live side by side through mutual cooperation.
Houston Rockets: the remnants of NASA and Houston’s entertainment industry made a deal. One side made money off of sports, and the other side used the profits to launch rockets into orbit.
The Patrolmen: a group of “protectors” who patrol the I-10 religiously, fighting off raiders and outside threats, while exploiting the communities who exist under their thumb.
Bayou Motors: a trader nation that specialises in, produces, and sells boats and shipping equipment to most of the Gulf.
Gatormaws: a group of violent tribal communities who’ve made the Bayou their home, and make use of their extensive expertise to raid traders who sail along the Red River.
Desperados: a ghoul cartel who split off the Sinaloa after a brutal coup, they’ve taken up shop in Shreveport, demanding “protection fees” from passing traders, lest they die to “local raiders.”
Assassin City Rollergirls: a raider gang steeped in roller derby culture, they skate around the urban sprawl in atomic skates, cleaving heads and splitting Brotherhood power armour like tin cans.
Tubeheads: a cult of raiders and engineers led by the charismatic Mr. Entertainment, the Wasteland’s only late-night variety show host. Cooking segments, raider gladiatorial combat, special guest interviews, all from the pleasure of your own home: courtesy of the Tubehead’s mandatory TV and satellite installation package.
The Last Lodge: a nation of peaceful settlers, draped in masonic imagery, with an outward focus and an emphasis on community.
Scrappers Compact: an alliance of territorial but loyal junkyard settlers, who make a living out of scavenging and selling valuable scrap to the outside world.
Shale’s Army: a warband of first generation super mutants exclusively, led by Shale, one of Attis’s fiercest commanders. Their hatred for all non super mutants is readily apparent, and they make a living out of claiming the lives of their neighbours, ultimately aiming to rebuild Unity from the ground up.
The Chained Choir: a nation of former inmates; ghouls who were subjected to testing by the US army, for research into the potential psionic implementations of FEV.
The Last Patrol: a regiment of national guard who were directly exposed to a nuclear blast, and now patrol the region around their compound, fiercely protecting the rights and liberties of the communities under their charge.
The Texan Arms Association: a coalition of arms barons and factories in the northern Rio Grande who never fully assimilated. Motivated by dreams of liberty and greed, they sell weapons to anyone, and have continued to destabilise the RRG’s politics since its inception. 3.0 will see the TAA exist on game start, and their association’s bid for independence may be welcomed by some of its neighbours who see it little more than prey.
Painted Rock: a group of noble tribal warriors, unwavering combatants who test their young among jagged rocks, and prove their worth against the Wasteland’s toughest foes.
Cypher Warband: a clan of luddites who hold a deep hatred for the old world, and in particular, the Brotherhood of Steel’s core doctrines. They’ve been fierce opponents for decades, but during the events of the cancelled Brotherhood of Steel 2, they disowned their most extreme member—Reese—who left in an attempt to destroy their archenemy once and for all.
Lubbock: a settler community of ghouls and humans, attempting to work together despite their differences. Supported by the Lubbock Expedition, a military effort by Lone Star to secure the highways across Lubbock’s territory, securing their border and reaping the economic benefits of the partnership.
The Ironmongers: a group of mutants who’ve taken over former TAA factories, regularly plundering their gunsmith neighbours. Unlike many other mutants, they construct massive vehicles of brutal machinery, backed up by giant guns and the strength of iron. They’re feared by many, and their iconic “Battlewagons” bring terror and destruction in their wake.
Eden: lead by Scarlet, a protagonist from the protagonist of the cancelled game "Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2", who dragged Reese’s GECK from The Corpse to a remote location, to contain the spread of its taint from the outside world, and all who would covet its ruinous strength.
Lone Star: the largest trade hub in Texas, all traders pass along its roads and through the gates of its capital city. Its emphasis on sustainable partnerships, justice, and profit have made it a veritable Wasteland boomtown.
Texan Brotherhood: a brotherhood outfit who’s roots stemmed from a desire to crush Attis once and for all, in 2275 the Brotherhood look entirely different to their counterparts out west. Civilised, peaceful, just: they seek moral victories over material, a direction some among their ranks find fault with.
The First People: the combined nations of the Choctaw, Cherokee, and Chickasaw-Muscogee Coalition have banded together in an alliance, protecting one-another from outside threats and developing their communities in a Wasteland sorely lacking hope. Many of them emerged from vaults, and they rebuilt the casinos, infrastructure, and social venues that made their little corner of Oklahoma the darling it was. In 2275, beyond New Vegas, the Big Spend is the premiere destination for tourists, traders, and soldiers looking to experience the best service in the Wasteland. Live music, tasty food, refreshing drinks, and refurbished hotels continue to entice visitors year after year.
In the words of everyone’s favourite doctor, “Well, that’s all she wrote.” Our dev diary has wrapped up, and boy, what a diary it was! What did you think? Are you excited for what you’ve seen of 3.0? Got any thoughts, comments, or suggestions to share? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Discord!
Mapping is a labour of love, and I love doing it. Take care during this difficult time for all of us, and stay safe and healthy!
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WATCH LIVE 2:30 PM Governor John Bel Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference

During the last press conference, Governor Edwards stated that the next conference would take place the same time next week, and as of 9:30 AM, there hasn't been an announcement stating otherwise. I will update this post if the time changes.


Gov. John Bel Edwards
The "Great Doctor" Billioux - LDH continues to try to publish more and more data weekly. They have added more information such as the percent of positive cases by regions and hospitalization breakdown by region to the Dashboard. - The difference between this rise in cases and what we saw earlier on is that we have significantly more data which allows us to communicate to you a lot more early warning signs. - We haven't yet seen real big rises in ventilator usage like our neighbors in Texas, but if these curves continue we will probably see these numbers go up. - More individual information was added this week regarding race data. * Louisiana was one of the first states to provide race data for people dying by COVID-19. - LDH now feels comfortable putting out race data by cases. * There is still 19% of cases that they do not have race data. Whether it is from lack of information taken when someone is tested or inability to get information from contact tracing. - Still see there is a disproportionate number of African Americans who are contracting COVID-19 when compared to their white counterparts. * This is also true for our Latin-X communities. - The disparity is starting to narrow, at least for deaths. - It is important that we know where COVID-19 is and how to protect ourselves. - At the regional level, we can see other races beyond the Black and White races available for parish data. - Where is COVID Spreading?
Outbreak Setting Number of Outbreaks Cases % of Cases
Food Processing 11 423 30%
Bar 36 393 27%
Industrial Setting 16 117 8%
College/University 3 84 6%
Restaurant 16 68 5%
Construction Site 3 48 3%
Casino 4 38 3%
Social Event - Private 3 38 3%
Office Space 8 36 3%
Wedding 7 31 2%
Gym/Fitness Setting 3 26 2%
Ship/Boat 1 25 2%
Other Worksite 8 24 2%
Social Event - Public 1 24 2%
Child Daycare 7 17 1%
Religious Services/Event 2 17 1%
Recreation 2 10 1%
Retail Setting 3 8 1%
Camp 1 5 0%
Grand Total 135 1,432 100%

Questions by Dr. Billioux

Explain the 14-day quarantine...
Gov referenced the need to quarantine for 14 days. As we do contact tracing and tell them they may have been exposed, we know that some people's initial urge is to go out get tested. More often than not its been several days since your exposure, so testing is reasonable. If you know you have been exposed today it is not advisable to get a test today. Regardless of being tested, 5 days after exposure and it is negative, you can still turn positive on day 13 or 14. Quarantining is for 14 days regardless of your test result. If you ae been exposed you need to do whatever you can to isolate yourself from other members of your household and certainly do not go out.
Why we are seeing cases in college universities when they are currently closed?
So there is a couple of data points that we have around that. One is that for the last week or so more than 1/3 have been from 18-29 certainly 29 or less. So that is the same population we would see around college campuses. The other point that I may is that even though the universities may not be open hey still remain centers of our community were people of this age group reside. A university draws a large group from that age range so it is not surprising to see an increase in those locations. Note it is 3 we have identified out of 84 cases. We are trying to engage college students to make sure our message is clear to inform them on the best ways to keep themself safe. Even though are seeing very few people are needing hospitalization and even fewer are dying but if you increase the number of people who are exposed in this age group the number of people who will be hospitalized or who die will also increase. We now have 25,000 active cases statewide, even if these individuals are in a low-risk group for bad outcomes for COVID, but anywhere anyone else goes there is a higher chance of being exposed to COVID-19 whether they are going to bar or a gym the likelihood of catching the virus is higher.
Cannot hear question - will update later
We definitely see most cases coming from population centers but from the beginning, we have seen cases coming from rural settings. If you look at the map every parish has cases, as we increase testing in smaller parishes we see increases in cases. Some of our smaller parishes rank highest in the amount of COVID cases and deaths in the nation. It is a problem that is truly statewide. This is not a New Orleans or EBR problem, we have COVID cases rises spreading everywhere across the state in the way we did not in March.
Are you tracking cases in prisons and correctional facilities? Why isn't this reported on the Dashboard.
We track cases wherever they come from. We want to know if they are from individuals that are residing in the setting or staff that work in a setting. We recently partnered with the CDC to do more comprehensive testing in a prison int he North, we work with the DEpt. of Corrections with their testing procedures, same on the parish level to help them support their testing. Individuals' locations are not identified to the public unless they are posing a risk to the public. If we take an example of the bars in Baton Rouge and were not able to identify everyone who had been there we did make a public statement. It is not mandated by the Federal government to be reported like nursing homes are.
How can we make restaurants safer
We always look at how we can make any setting safer. Recently we are looking at how we can increase enforcement. Having people in these settings to makes sure staff and patrons are doing what they can reduce their risk in these settings. Bars produce a particular risk. You may be leaning in closer to yell over sounds or if you are slowly drinking a drink you are not taking a mask on and off. We are visiting those sites.
How many new citations or violations have been given from the LDH
Data is not available. Normally we give a warning and then a follow-up visitation and if that is not corrected by the followup visit a citation is not ordered.
Are you planning to break up COVID-location exposure by regions
No. Anyone one of these settings you should assume it is going on in your neighborhood. What is more important is to make a self-assessment when you enter a setting if it is safe for you to be there or not.
Gov. John Bel Edwards

Question by Gov Edwards

Earlier you compared us to Texas. Texas is limited crowd size, cracking down on restrictions, and adding a statewide mask mandate. Are you considering limiting crowd sizes, adding restrictions, or instituting a mask mandate?*
Other states are considering closing bars and indoor dining. Seeing the surge in cases have you reconsidered the current restrictions on restaurants and bars?
I will tell you that we are getting the guidance directly from the cOronavirus task force as well we have done over 3,100 site visits over the last 10 days or so. Primarily working through the Free Marshall Office we are trying to gain more compliance with existing restrictions and are having success in almost every case. We will be starting our followup visits and if there are repeat violations actions will be taken there. In regards to 50% occupancy for on-premises dining, we are on par with what Texas is doing now. Our decision not to go into Phase 3 was the right decision. I can only imagine what the case would be if we removed to Phase 3. We are paying attention to all of these things and maybe making some adjustments to the restrictions. Currently, we remain focused on getting compliance with existing restrictions. If this proves to be insufficient to get our numbers under control we whatever is necessary to not put a strain on our hospitals. We are not there today but we are on-trend to get there.
President Trump says he wants all students returning to school for in person instruction, do you have guidance on what you would like to see with schools reopening?
First of all, I would hope aspirationally we want to see our schools open 5 days a week for in-person instruction, but at the same time, we have to balance the interest of preserving the health of students, staff, and faculty. We need to look at what situation is at any given time of the situation, particularly in advance of when that school year will commence. You will see school districts implementing even more measures to protect students, staff, and faculty. Under no circumstance do we anticipate a return to pre-COVID normal. Even if we have in-person instruction on campus it will not look like how it was prior to COVID. Not like to see school assemblies, students eating in lunch, students will not be coming into contact with people who are not their immediate cohorts. It is important to get students back onto campus not just for education but for nutrition, social well being, mental health services, and we have to remember that teachers and school counselors are mandatory reporters when they suspect a child has been subject to abuse or neglect. For all these reasons we ant them back on our campuses but we ate to do it safely. Only recently the CDC related a plethora of guidance. K-12 leaders are pouring over that now to make sure it is incorporated into our plans of reopening. Impossible to know on July 8th what it will look like or whether it will even be possible to open schools a month from now.
Question about fall sports and Senators Fields request that K-12 sports be cancelled for the Fall
It is a little too early to say on July 8th what this will look like. I appreciate the concerns of Senator Fields, that decision may be a prudent decision but we are not at the time where that decision needs to be made. WE need to know al little more and get a little deeper into the calendar before the decision is made.
Question about how Gov. Edwards feels about then comparison of wearing a mask to the holocaust
It is utter nonsense and sad. My best advice to anyone who wants to talk about any person or situation today and compare it back to the nazis or the holocaust is not appropriate. Certainly not in this circumstance where mask-wearing is recommended across the world now, including by our own Federal Govern and White House to wear masks to stop a disease that is highly contagious and highly lethal. It just misses the boat on all fronts to compare that to something related to the holocaust.
cannot hear question
Dr. Birx called me last week they were looking at certain hot posts across the country where you had increases in cases and positivity that were very pronounced. They wanted to assist going into those areas with additional testing, with the hopes of identifying more people with the coronavirus, put them into quarantine, and cool off these hot spots. In EBR we may be seeing this because of the younger demographic, we are a college town, we do not know why we are seeing it but we appreciate the help and hope to get the 5,000 additional tests today between now and July 18th. This is the only federally sponsored testing taking place in Louisiana presently. If you have questions about this testing or how to take advantage of it call 2-1-1 to pre-register. [location of testing sites]
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WATCH LIVE 2:30 PM Gov. Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference


The summary is transcribed live, maybe paraphrased, and will contain spelling and grammatical errors until I am able to edit it once the press conference ends.


Dr. Gina Laguard of Regional Medical Director of Region 9 / Northshore
Giv. John Bel Edwards


Now that you won in court do you intend to crackdown, not he BBQ restaurant in Denham Springs?
Yes. We will share that information with you when it is appropriate.
When will that be?
When it is appropriate.
Do you think there will be leftover funding from the CARES Act or Business Grant Program in a time period that could keep the unemployment trust fund solvent?
I do not see in the portion of the CARES Act that we dedicated to local government. There is a certain amount, of the 1.8 billion we received it was my recommendation that 45% of the 1.8 billion be reserved for local government. The house went more or less with that, but then did fund $300 million for the Main Street program, and then a smaller allocation for Front Line Workers. We believe that will be completely exhausted and I do not know if money will be left in the Mainstreet Program. I haven't received a report yet and I think it would premature to guess. They will not begin to issue checks until Aug 15, and I do not know how many applications they received, nor how many qualify. We will know by the end of the month, and it could potentially be there at the end of the month. But even if it is there that money would not tie us over for very long. So the assistance we need in Phase 4 of the Coronavirus Relief that is currently being negotiated is critically important for us. We are communicating this with our Congressional Delegation and there have been a number of conversations with the Speaker discussing multiple ways we could replenish that trust fund. On August the 3rd we put $12 million dollars in the trust fund from taxes fro the quarter. It is just not enough to meet the demand with the claims we have.
Other states have banned smoking in casinos because they are concerned people are taking their masks on and off, has that been discussed here?
I believe that was first discussed in Louisiana as far as I know right now when you just brought it up. My first impression is that makes some sense, but I hate to think out loud because sometimes you get in trouble. I think New Orleans and East Baton Rouge may be the only places where smoking is banned in casinos. That is something I will give some consideration to, but I am not making an announcement today.
You've been hesitant to discuss football, have you had a discussion with their administration?
I have. I have had discussions with their athletic director and most people love LSU football but we have football programs across the state. I have had an opportunity to discuss with Scott Woodward, the LSU Athletic Director, and they are planning for multiple contingencies with what they will be able to do safely in regards to the number of people they can put in the stands for a football game. They do not know what that will look like yet, and I do not know what that will look like yet. Obviously you cannot wait to make that discussion until game day, we will meet with other schools to determine how far in advance they need to know. They are looking at ways to get people in and out of the stadium in and out of restrooms, receive concessions, without having people grouping together. Will need to see where we are in terms of the data to inform what we can safely do here in Louisiana when football resumes. The good news is we have some additional time because they backed up the return of the season.
A number of local bars are applying for temporarily conditional restaurant licenses so they can continue to operate and keep their doors open and a reduced capacity. Can you explain from a public health standpoint why a bar with a newly acquired temporary conditional restaurant license is safer than a bar that does not
Because they have to operate as a restaurant. All the rules that apply to restaurants today will apply to them in terms of the 50% occupancy limit, the need to social distance people who are not in the same household, more than 1/2 of the income must be derived from food sales and not alcohol sales. So they would function like a restaurant which would make them safer. Another indication of the efforts we are making is to allow as many of these bar owners as much flexibility as possible so we are not just leaving them the option of pick up or drive-thru sales. Or allowing them to have 2 video poker machines open if they had inside, but it also allows them to function as a restaurant if they are able to do that. They are receiving these permits very quickly so they can get into operation and realize some income as soon as possible. It will be safer because all of their patrons will have to be seated, to distance, and so forth... its something we are doing in an effort to allow as many of these establishments to remain open as possible, but to do so in a safe manner.
Is there a recommendation/protocol about how many cases college and university campuses can have without having to reduce people from campus?
They are working hard with the Department of Public Health and the CDC to work with education leaders both K-12 and higher education, to determine what to do when there is a case and if there are multiple cases and so forth. We can all assume there will be cases. You cannot have the cases we have across Louisiana, resume school, and not have some of these cases show up in your universities or K-12 schools. It really depends on how many cases, if they are in the same classroom, same dormitory, etc. All of these things are being looked at. I can tell you just recently our higher education community completed tabletop exercises, and a result of lessons learned there they have now gone back and revised their plans and will continue to do that as they learn from one another, and as guidance from the CDC changes.
Will you report data based on outbreaks/cases on educational campuses?
I don't know. I am not sure what means we have to capture that information, but certainly, what we have we will share. We are not going to hide it from anyone. Before I say yes I want to make sure we can capture that through the means we have in place to update you every day, or if additional things need to go into place. I do not know if it will be a situation where I ask you to direct those questions to the particular educational systems and universities while we report the universal numbers. We will get back to you on that.
Is there a point you will use your authority as governor to limit on-campus instruction
I do not intend to have to do that because we know K-12 are doing everything they can to deliver an education that goes along with CDC guidelines. So it is not something I believe I will have to do. Higher educational students, especially vulnerable, will do online or hybrid education. So with everything, they plan to do and oversee.... what they are doing came up they from the Department of Health in consolation with the CDC guidelines. So I do not believe it will be necessary for me to step in.
Shreveport reports its third death of MIS-C?
The medical community trying to determine if that is just what COVID looks like in certain kids, or whether it is a separate medical condition that is tangental to COVID. We've had a number of deaths, but not like the 4,000 from COVID from around the state. So we are obviously concerned about that. It is further evidence that children are not immune to this disease. They are much less likely to have a serious illness, but it does still happens. We see sometimes a young person will get COVID-19 and have a bad result even though there is no identifiable co-morbid condition. It is not the rule, it is very much the exception, but it is evidence that children are not immune. This is why we must make certain the kids are as safe as possible which is one of the reasons why the CDC guidelines are important --- that kids socially distance, have masks, do no co-mingle, they stick to their cohort. That this starts form the moment they get on the bus to the moment they get home. It is critically important we do this if we are going to get children safely back in the classroom.

Closing Remarks

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You want my best price for working on my day off?.. Okay...

I'm not sure if this belongs specifically in Malicious Compliance, but here goes:
I'm a barber. It's a great gig. In fact, I've never been happier working any job... but it does have a few downsides. The biggest one is vacations and holidays. There are very few barbering jobs that offer paid vacation days, holidays or even sick days. Whenever you're not working, regardless of why, you're not getting paid, because, unless you own the shop, you're a contract employee.
A few years ago, I was working with an owner at his shop, which was in a small Texas town (even though he was the owner, I'll be referring to him as "partner" from here on out, because that's the way he made me feel, he was a great guy to work with). He and I had gone to barber school together and he's just an all around good guy and a good friend. But he's also a no-nonsense kind of a guy... we both like to have a good laugh, but he's not putting up with anything he doesn't feel like putting up with (nobody is going to push him around, customer or not).
It was a few days before Thanksgiving, and he was planning on closing the shop Wednesday night and then not reopening until the following Monday. I was personally very happy with this arrangement, as every shop I've ever worked at takes off for Thanksgiving day, but reopens for the Friday and Saturday immediately after. My partner likes his days off, however (especially holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas... they're meant to be family time, and he's a big believer in that premise). He totally would have allowed me to work those days if it was something I wanted to do, since he understood that not everybody is like he is and he would never want anyone working with him to lose out on money just because of something he wanted to do... but I was very glad he was closing down those days because I love those holidays too.
(super long set up... I know. So let's get to the actual story here):
It's Tuesday, two days to Thanksgiving. My partner and I are both working on a customer, when in walks "Eye-Patch Guy" (you'll never guess why we called him that... go on... give it a whirl). Eye Patch Guy had "a serious problem," he told us as he leaned against the pool table in front of our chairs; the barber in his area (a small town north of us) was going to be closed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (same as us), and he absolutely had to have a haircut and a shave on Saturday. As it turns out, EPG's barber is a good friend of ours and also went to the same barber school with us (what a co-inkeydink). His barber sent him down to talk to us in order to check if maybe we could help him. We politely explain to EPG that we were also going to be closed those very same days and, unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to help him either. But Eye-Patch Guy simply wasn't havin' none of that. "Surely", he tells us... "surely one of us could come in and fix him up for the right price."
It's at this point that my partner pointed out to him that, besides being closed those days, both of us live 45 minutes from the shop. Coming in isn't exactly easy... well, I mean, it's not super hard but it's definitely a pain in the ass. He then goes on to ask him, "What's the big deal about Saturday? We're going to be open tomorrow, and a haircut and shave on Wednesday would probably look almost as fresh as one done on Saturday; so why does it have to be Saturday?"
EPG then tells us, "I love to go to the casinos in Shreveport" (Louisiana). "But... before I go, I always like to get a fresh haircut and a shave that same morning... it makes me feel extra fresh and relaxed for when I get there. It's a tradition thing... for a little bit of luck. Plus, it may only be a couple days difference but, when I go, I want to look as clean and bright as a new penny." (<< he actually said that shit).
My partner looks over at me to see if perhaps I might be interested in coming in, but I'm already shaking my head "no".
"I'm sorry," my partner tells him, "but we've both been looking forward to spending time with our respective families on those days, and we won't be able to help you."
"WELL YOU MUST NOT LIKE MONEY THEN!" Eye-Patch Guy angrily shouts at us. "Everywhere else I go, barbers have done this for me. I get this kind of thing all the time." Now... this is obviously not true since, as you may remember, his personal barber had already turned him down for this same request. But, out of courtesy, neither of us mention that to him (no sense making him madder than he already is). Instead my partner switches off his clippers... now, I should mention (and this is something I learned after many months working with my partner)... whenever he switched those clippers off, while he was still in the middle of a cut... some serious shit was about to go down, meaning: he was about to say something pretty bad-ass... or hilarious... or both.
"You know what," he started. "you've talked me into it. For the right price, I'd be glad to get up during my holiday with my family, drive an hour and a half round-trip, just so I can give one single person a haircut and a shave; and I'll even go the extra mile to ensure that it's the best haircut and shave you've ever had."
"Now that's what I wanted to hear," Eye-patch guy said, brightening in anticipation, "How much we talkin'?"
"THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!" barked my partner, in all sincerity.
Eye-Patch Guy just sat there, leaning up against our pool table in stunned silence. Both of us kept waiting to see what he would say (even the five or six other customers in the shop were eagerly waiting to hear his response). After about 60 arduous seconds in complete silence, EPG finally straightened up and -- without so much as a peep -- made for the door.
"BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE MUNAAAAAAAY!" My partner shouted at him just as the door started to close behind him.
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Happening Soon around Shreveport: Happy Thanksgiving --- Rockets over the Red + Christmas markets + holiday theatre

Happening Soon around Shreveport: Happy Thanksgiving --- Rockets over the Red + Christmas markets + holiday theatre


Thru Dec 8: Rainbow City - Common Park, FREE/open
Nov 30: Rockets Over the Red - Riverview Park & Louisiana Boardwalk, FREE/open

Christmas in Shreveport-Bossier Guide

Today - Dec 23: Christmas in Roseland - American Rose Center, $
Today - Dec 22: Red River Express to the North Pole - Riverview Plaza, $$
Weekends until Christmas: Le Marche de Noel Christmas Market - Shreveport Aquarium
Dec 5: A Country Christmas Carol - BPCC Theatre, FREE/open
Dec 5: A Christmas Carol - The Strand Theatre, $$
Dec 6: Christmas Candlelight Service - Brown Chapel at Centenary College, FREE/open
Dec 6: A Charlie Brown Christmas Live - Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, $$
Dec 6: Tinsel - Line Ave. shopping district
Dec 7: 20th Benton Christmas on the Square Festival and Parade - Benton
Dec 9: KCS Holiday Express - KCS Yard Gate 5, FREE/open
Dec 13: Centenary Christmas Carnival - Centenary College, FREE/open
Dec 13: Fa La La Fest & Makers’ Fair - Broadmoor Baptist Church
Dec 14: Meadows Museum Holiday Makers Market - Centenary College
Dec 21: James Burton’s Louisiana Rockin’ Christmas - Paradise Theatre, $$


Nov 30: East Bank Golf Cart Parade - East Bank District, FREE
Dec 4: December Artwalk - Downtown, FREE
Dec 5: PUBlic Theology - Flying Heart Brewing & Pub, $
Dec 6: Girls Night Out: Holiday Cookie Decorating - Norton Art Gallery, $


Wednesdays at lunch: Healthy Food Trucks in Common Park, $
Nov 27: Thanksgiving Hoorah! - The Remington Hotel, $$
Nov 27: Weird Wednesday: Blood Dinner - Bear’s, $
Nov 29: Pitch-Black Friday - Twisted Root Burger Co., $
Nov 29: Black Friday Bash - Great Raft Brewing Co., $
Dec 5: Speakeasy Prohibition Party - Fatty Arbuckles, $$
Dec 6: Making Spirits Bright: a Sipping & Tasting Experience - Hilton Shreveport, $$
Dec 7: Whimsical Waffles & William Joyce - Common Park, $/tickets
Dec 8: Balderas Brunch - The Common Park, $$


Thursday evenings: Drum Circle in Common Park, FREE/open
Friday evenings: Live Music Dance Nights in Common Park, FREE/open
Nov 26: Tom Carter + PHAT Brothers + Tom Fashho & Ray Sprague (indie) - Minicine, $
Nov 27: Jeremy Hurst (acoustic) - The Remington Hotel
Nov 27: Josh Love (Jimi Hendrix tribute) - Red River Brewing Co., $
Nov 29: Goth Nite V: Holy Witch (post punk/death rock) - Bear’s, $
Nov 30: Justen Jackson + Zay Spade + Mack Swans + Isaiah Polk + Moni (hip-hop) - Bear’s, $
Nov 30: Local Music Showcase Extravaganza - Minicine, $
Dec 1: Home Free (Christmas a capella) - The Strand Theatre, $$
Dec 5: The La-Di-Das (folk) - The Port Grill, $
Dec 5: Luke Combs (country) - CenturyLink Center
Dec 5: PONCE (rock) - Ki’ Mexico, $
Dec 7: Haley Brooke (pop/soul) - The Port Grill, $
Dec 8: Point of Grace (contemporary Christian) - First Bossier, FREE/open
Tuesday: Ernie's; Ki’ Mexico; Noble Savage Tavern; Twisted Root
Thursday: 2Johns; Noble Savage Tavern
Friday: Beauxjax Crafthouse; Haze on Texas; Ki’ Mexico; Noble Savage Tavern; The Three Dons
Saturday: Chicago Night Club


Nov 29-30: Kris Gardner (stand-up) - LOL, $
Nov 30: Reginald Ballard (stand-up) - Shreveport Convention Center, $$
Nov 30: Ha Ha Holiday Comedy Show (comedy team) - Great Raft Brewing, $
Dec 6-7: C.J. Starr (stand-up) - LOL, $
Dec 7: Socks & Undies Comedy Show (stand-up) - The Queue Tavern 2.0, cover is new socks, undies, or hygiene products for the homeless


Weekends until Christmas: Le Marche de Noel Christmas Market - Shreveport Aquarium
Nov 30: Small Business Saturday - Downtown
Dec 1: Holiday in South Highlands Christmas Market - First Baptist Church Shreveport
Dec 6: Tinsel - Line Ave. shopping district


Thru November: 1999: The Best Movie Year Ever series - Robinson Film Center
Nov 29: Movies Under the Stars: The Polar Express - Provenance, FREE
Dec 3: Heels & Reels: Just Friends - Robinson Film Center, $$


Nov 29: Michael Carbonaro (stage magic) - DiamondJack’s Casino, $$
Dec 4-5: A Country Christmas Carol - BPCC Theatre, FREE/open
Dec 5: A Christmas Carol - The Strand Theatre, $$
Dec 6: A Charlie Brown Christmas Live - Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, $$
Dec 7: J.D. - East Bank Theatre, $


Dec 8: Taproom Trivia - Red River Brewing Co., $
Sunday: Rotolo’s
Monday: Twisted Root; What’s on Tap II; Ivan’s
Tuesday: The Port Grill; Central Station; Pizza Rev; Daq’s (Southern Loop)
Wednesday: Bar Chord; Chimi V’s; Fully Stacked; Habanero’s; Whiskey Roadhouse
Thursday: Sundance Cantina; Bear’s; Windrush Grill; Retro 521 Coffee & Cafe
Saturday: Rotolo’s


Nov 28: Turkey Trot (5K/half mile) - Common Park, $$
Nov 30: Renee’s Run (5K/1 mile) - Stoner Skate Park, $$
Dec 6: Dashing Thru the Glow (5K/1 mile) - Haughton, $$
Dec 7: Dash Around the Square (5K/1 mile) - Benton, $$
Dec 8: Log Jammer Half Marathon & 5K - Festival Plaza, $$
Saturday mornings: Exercise in Common Park, FREE
Sunday afternoons: Yoga in Common Park, FREE


Dec 6: New Mexico IceWolves @ Shreveport Mudbugs - George’s Pond Hirsch Coliseum, $
Dec 7: New Mexico IceWolves @ Shreveport Mudbugs - George’s Pond Hirsch Coliseum, $


Nov 29 - Dec 22: Red River Express to the North Pole - Riverview Plaza, $$
Nov 30: Sno-Port: The Science and Wonders of Snowflakes - Sci-Port, $
Dec 9: KCS Holiday Express - KCS Yard Gate 5, FREE/open
Shreve Memorial Library
Bossier Parish Libraries
Shreveport Aquarium
Sci-Port Discovery Center


Open Now: Nekter Juice Bar (Camp Forbing Marketplace)
Open Now: Fat Calf Brasserie (3030 Creswell Ave.)
Open Now: Glow Alchemy Kitchen (955 Pierremont Rd.)
Open Now: Sauvage (608 Absinthe Court, outside of Twelve Oaks)
Open Now: Zuzul Coastal Cuisine (1370 E. 70th St.)
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What's happening around town (Wed, Oct 2nd - Tue, Oct 8th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Oct 2nd

Thursday, Oct 3rd

  • 🎓 4th Annual International Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Join us for one of the largest International conferences about Gender and Sexuality in the World. October 3-5 at the University of Central Oklahoma…
  • Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Oct 6th Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 😂 Darren Carter (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Oct 5th
  • Hispanic Heritage Month: Cocina Festiva (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Este divertido programa de cocina interactiva le dará ideas para simplificar deliciosas comidas favoritas utilizando un InstaPot o una freidora. Se…
  • Oklahoma City Improv Festival (The Venue - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Oct 5th Head to the Plaza District for a weekend of surprises and laughs during the Oklahoma City Improv Festival. Troupes from…
  • 🏃 Koda CrossFit at Together Square (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:45pm Thursdays 5:45-6:45pm September 5–November 21, 2019 $5 per person, pay upon arrival All levels Bring water Together Square is the perfect spot to…
  • 🎡 Linear Symmetry and Ryan Viser w/Olympus Mons (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 10:00pm @[570217156407767:274:Tikkun Olam Productions] presents: @[638539946160231:274:Ryan Viser] (Shreveport,LA) @[127594964073661:274:Linear Symmetry]…
  • 😂 Mark Normand - Live In OKC (The Paramount OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Max Brallier Book Signing (Best of Books - Edmond) Start Time: 6:00pm We are so excited to welcome children's author Max Brallier to Best of Books! He will sign copies of his new book, The Last Kids on Earth and the…
  • Oklahoma's International Bluegrass Festival (Cottonwood Flats Recreation Area - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Oct 5th Join the friendly residents of Guthrie for Oklahoma's International Bluegrass Festival, an annual three-day festival…
  • 🎓 OTA Encyclomedia (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 10:04am The 2019 Oklahoma Technology Association Encyclomedia comes to Cox Convention Center October 3rd and 4th, 2019!
  • Preserve Your Herbs! (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 6:30pm Adults, learn how to preserve your own fresh herbs! Join us as a horticulture educator from the OSU Extension Office comes and shares information…
  • Shawnee Fall Book Sale (Norman Public Library - Norman) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 7:00pm Join us for our Fall Book Sale, sponsored by the Friends of the Library! We'll have thousands of books for all ages at low prices. All proceeds…
  • 🎭 Something Shakespeare This Way Comes (The Depot - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm 3 performances - October 3, 4, & 5; 8pm @[65465708711:274:The Depot]. Tickets $10 @the door ($5 with a current high school or college id!) The…
  • 🎓 TCAA Workshop: Scroll Layout & Design with Sam Alfano (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am
  • The Tempest (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Shakespeare on the Paseo presents: The Tempest tells a captivating story of a man left on a distant island in isolation.…
  • TroyBoi in Concert (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Hear one of South East London's best-kept hip-hop secrets as TroyBoi takes the Tower Theatre stage in Oklahoma City.…
  • Virgil Donati (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Virgil Donati live in Oklahoma City This show is all ages. Tickets are $20 in advance at, charge by phone 18669661777, purchase hard…
  • 🎓 WDAA World Show 2019 (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) 1 day left Start Time: 7:00am 2019 Western Dressage World Championship Show Information: WDAA is very proud to announce that we will continue our excellent partnership with the…

Friday, Oct 4th

  • ARTonTAP (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Once a year, Art on Tap brings community members together over beer, food and art. Dress up and head to the Oklahoma…
  • 🎨 ART ON TAP: 16th Anniversary (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Help support OKCMOA’s special programs and exhibitions with one of the best beer tasting events in OKC. Featuring over 80 varieties of beer, food…
  • Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Oct 6th Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 🏆 Central OK: University of Central Oklahoma Women's Soccer vs Fort Hays State (Edmond) Start Time: 7:00pm University of Central Oklahoma Women's Soccer vs Fort Hays State
  • 🏆 Central OK: University of Central Oklahoma Women's Volleyball vs Emporia State (Edmond) Start Time: 6:00pm University of Central Oklahoma Women's Volleyball vs Emporia State
  • Chris Stapleton in Concert (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Head to Oklahoma City's Chesapeake Energy Arena to hear Chris Stapleton perform hits from his All American Road Show…
  • 😂 Darren Carter (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • 🎡 Day Out with Thomas (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 12:20pm
  • 🎡 Day Out with Thomas (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 2:00pm
  • 🎡 Day Out with Thomas (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 4:30pm
  • DelQuest Committee Meeting (Don's Alley - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am
  • EdFest (Festival Marketplace - Edmond) Local flavor is the name of the game at EdFest in Edmond. Come out to this street festival featuring local food trucks,…
  • 🎓 EdFest presented by Edmond Mobile Meals (Festival Marketplace - Edmond) Start Time: 6:00pm EdFest is a street festival featuring local food trucks, a local beer tasting, wine tasting, a live band, a KidsZone, silent auction and more!…
  • First Capital Quilters Guild Quilt Show (Logan County Fairgrounds - Guthrie) Day 1 of 2 Discover the joy of quilting at the First Capital Quilters Guild Quilt Show. This year's theme is…
  • First Friday Gallery Walk (Paseo Arts District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm The First Friday Gallery Walk in the Paseo Arts District occurs on the first Friday of every month. Friday night visitors…
  • 🎨 Imagining Madness: The Writing on Van Gogh’s Mental Health (Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Saxon Lecture Imagining Madness: The Writing on Van Gogh’s Mental Health Guest Speaker: Anna Gruetzner Robins, Professor Emeritus, University of…
  • Oklahoma City Improv Festival (The Venue - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Head to the Plaza District for a weekend of surprises and laughs during the Oklahoma City Improv Festival. Troupes from…
  • Josh Abbott Band in Concert (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Texas country act the Josh Abbott Band ventures north of the Red River for a show at Riverwind Casino. Get ready to have fun…
  • Judah & the Lion in Concert (The Jones Assembly - Oklahoma City) Don't miss alternative band Judah & the Lion live at The Jones Assembly. This Nashville-bred group is stopping in…
  • 🎓 Money Smart Date Night (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 5:30pm Join us for a couples-only date night while you learn more about your money personality and how this influences your financial decisions. You'll…
  • Oklahoma's International Bluegrass Festival (Cottonwood Flats Recreation Area - Guthrie) 1 day left Join the friendly residents of Guthrie for Oklahoma's International Bluegrass Festival, an annual three-day festival…
  • Oklahoma Regatta Festival (Boathouse District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Oct 6th Join the celebration of rowing, kayaking, dragon boating and stand-up paddle boarding at the Oklahoma Regatta Festival. This…
  • 🎓 OTA Encyclomedia (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 10:04am The 2019 Oklahoma Technology Association Encyclomedia comes to Cox Convention Center October 3rd and 4th, 2019!
  • 🎨 Outdoor Movie Series - Hocus Pocus (Firehouse Arts Center - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm After moving to Salem, Mass., teenager Max Dennison (Omri Katz) explores an abandoned house with his sister Dani (Thora Birch) and their new friend,…
  • Quilting Harvest Quilt Show (Logan County Fairgrounds - Guthrie) Day 1 of 2 Come see more than 150 quilts on display along with a variety of demonstrations and craft vendors at the Quilting…
  • RATT in Concert (Grand Casino Hotel & Resort - Shawnee) Get ready to RATT and roll as this American glam metal group plays live onstage at Grand Casino Hotel & Resort in…
  • Rock Island Arts Festival (Rock Island Depot - Chickasha) Thru Sun, Oct 6th The Rock Island Arts Festival, held annually at the Chickasha train depot, features fine art displays, live music,…
  • Shawnee Fall Book Sale (Norman Public Library - Norman) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 7:00pm Join us for our Fall Book Sale, sponsored by the Friends of the Library! We'll have thousands of books for all ages at low prices. All proceeds…
  • Skirvin Jazz Club (Skirvin Hilton - Oklahoma City) The Skirvin Hilton transforms into the Skirvin Jazz Club on Friday nights. Guests are invited to attend this immersive live…
  • 🏃 Tai Chi and SAIL Classes Stay Active & Independent for Life: Wednesdays and Fridays (Edmond Senior Center - Edmond) Start Time: 1:30pm Come join us for these free exercise programs. Tai Chi class is one of the most effective exercises for the health of mind and body. SAIL (STAYING…
  • The Tempest (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Shakespeare on the Paseo presents: The Tempest tells a captivating story of a man left on a distant island in isolation.…
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Comes to (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am All aboard! Thomas the Tank Engine invites little engineers to go full steam ahead for a day of engaging activities and fun adventures at Day Out…
  • TokenCon: The Oklahoma Board Game Convention (Wyndham Garden Oklahoma City Airport - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Oct 6th Gaming enthusiasts are invited to attend the annual TokenCon, featuring the latest board game releases and a series of…
  • Traditional Cowboy Arts Exhibition & Sale (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Take part in a major event in the fine art world as the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum hosts the…
  • Trail of Terror & Haunted Barn (El Reno) Thru Sat, Oct 26th El Reno's Trail of Terror & Haunted Barn challenges you to withstand the frightening fun they have planned this…
  • 🎓 UCO Musical Theatre Shadow Day (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 9:30am Take an inside look at our UCO Musical Theatre program. Meet current faculty and students, tour the UCO campus, and audition to be part of the…
  • Understanding Eris Void Earth EP Release Show (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Come out 10/4/19 and get down with us as we officially release “Void Earth”! WITH SPECIAL GUESTS: @[1165794193457508:274:Lilac Kings]…
  • Waterfall Festival (Moore Central Park - Moore) Day 1 of 2 The annual Waterfall Festival in Moore invites guests to stroll through beautiful water garden displays while enjoying…
  • 🎓 WDAA World Show 2019 (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Last Day Start Time: 7:00am 2019 Western Dressage World Championship Show Information: WDAA is very proud to announce that we will continue our excellent partnership with the…
  • Lexington Zombie Farm (Lexington) Thru Sat, Nov 2nd Can you survive a walk through the Lexington Zombie Farm? Get ready to encounter things that go bump in the night, as well…

Saturday, Oct 5th

  • Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 😂 Darren Carter (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • 🏃 DC Dash (Mitch Park - Edmond) This event will benefit the Holy Trinity Lutheran School 5th Grade Class of 2020. Proceeds will help fund the class trip to Washington, D.C.…
  • 🏃 Down Syndrome Festival & 5K (Myriad Gardens Water Stage - Oklahoma City) Bringing awareness to the 21st chromosome! This year we expect attendance to exceed 6000! This event is the major, annual fundraising event for the…
  • Fiestas de las Americas (Calle Dos Cinco - Oklahoma City) Head to Historic Capitol Hill for the annual Fiestas de las Americas. At this multicultural festival,…
  • First Capital Quilters Guild Quilt Show (Logan County Fairgrounds - Guthrie) Day 2 of 2 Discover the joy of quilting at the First Capital Quilters Guild Quilt Show. This year's theme is…
  • Heritage Hills Historic Home Tour (Overholser Mansion - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 The Heritage Hills Historic Home Tour has been a staple Oklahoma City fall activity for over 50 years and provides a unique…
  • Oklahoma City Improv Festival (The Venue - Oklahoma City) Last Day Head to the Plaza District for a weekend of surprises and laughs during the Oklahoma City Improv Festival. Troupes from…
  • Market in the Park & Pigs in the Park BBQ Competition (Harrah Heritage Park - Harrah) The annual Market in the Park in Harrah features a wide variety of arts and crafts, delicious barbecue and great live music.…
  • Mid-America Street Fest (Charles J. Johnson Central Park Town Center - Midwest City) Come enjoy live entertainment, contests, vendors and much more at the Mid-America Street Fest in Midwest City. Held in…
  • OKC Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 For a high quality gun show with great prices and selection, visit the OKC Gun Show in Oklahoma City. Held at Oklahoma State…
  • 🏃 OKC River Run 5K/10K (Wiley Post Park - Oklahoma City) USATF certified 5K/10K along the smooth, paved trails of the Oklahoma River. 100% of race registration fees will go to Rett Syndrome research. Run…
  • OKC River Run 5K & 10K (Wiley Post Park - Oklahoma City) Head out to Wiley Post Park in Oklahoma City for the OKC River Run. Held on the Oklahoma River Trails, this half marathon,…
  • Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association Round 12 Race (Sundog Trails - Lexington) Day 1 of 2 Grab your bikes and head to Lexington for a weekend of thrilling cross-country racing at the Heart of Oklahoma XC…
  • Oklahoma Czech Festival (Czech Hall - Yukon) The Oklahoma Czech Festival in Yukon is the largest outdoor free festival in Oklahoma. This beloved annual event promotes…
  • Oklahoma's International Bluegrass Festival (Cottonwood Flats Recreation Area - Guthrie) Last Day Join the friendly residents of Guthrie for Oklahoma's International Bluegrass Festival, an annual three-day festival…
  • Oklahoma Regatta Festival (Boathouse District - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Join the celebration of rowing, kayaking, dragon boating and stand-up paddle boarding at the Oklahoma Regatta Festival. This…
  • Old Timers Day & Rodeo (Jones) Make your way to downtown Jones to enjoy the annual Old Timers Day celebration. Head out bright and early Saturday…
  • Pets on Paseo (Paseo Arts District - Oklahoma City) Bring your pup out to have a ball during the Pets on Paseo event in Oklahoma City. Coinciding with the Paseo…
  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles (Shawnee Regional Airport - Shawnee) Planes, Trains & Automobiles in Shawnee is a unique event combining everything from helicopter rides to tours on a real…
  • Quilting Harvest Quilt Show (Logan County Fairgrounds - Guthrie) Day 2 of 2 Come see more than 150 quilts on display along with a variety of demonstrations and craft vendors at the Quilting…
  • Rock Island Arts Festival (Rock Island Depot - Chickasha) 1 day left The Rock Island Arts Festival, held annually at the Chickasha train depot, features fine art displays, live music,…
  • The Tempest (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Shakespeare on the Paseo presents: The Tempest tells a captivating story of a man left on a distant island in isolation.…
  • TokenCon: The Oklahoma Board Game Convention (Wyndham Garden Oklahoma City Airport - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Gaming enthusiasts are invited to attend the annual TokenCon, featuring the latest board game releases and a series of…
  • Touch a Truck (Cleveland County Fairgrounds - Norman) Norman's Pioneer Library System invites families to bring their children to the Cleveland County Fairgrounds to see some…
  • Traditional Cowboy Arts Exhibition & Sale (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Take part in a major event in the fine art world as the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum hosts the…
  • Trail of Terror & Haunted Barn (El Reno) Thru Sat, Oct 26th El Reno's Trail of Terror & Haunted Barn challenges you to withstand the frightening fun they have planned this…
  • The Voyage (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Led by Conductor Alexander Mickelthwate, the Oklahoma City Philharmonic presents: The Voyage will showcase five works…
  • Wanderlust Pop-Up Shops (Oklahoma City) Come down to the Wheeler Ferris Wheel in OKC and browse local wares at the Wanderlust Pop-Up Shops. The vendors at this…
  • Waterfall Festival (Moore Central Park - Moore) Day 2 of 2 The annual Waterfall Festival in Moore invites guests to stroll through beautiful water garden displays while enjoying…
  • Lexington Zombie Farm (Lexington) Thru Sat, Nov 2nd Can you survive a walk through the Lexington Zombie Farm? Get ready to encounter things that go bump in the night, as well…

Sunday, Oct 6th

  • Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Carter Sampson in Concert (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Hear the self-penned "Queen of Oklahoma" live as Carter Sampson performs her latest music at The Blue Door in…
  • 🏃 Chisholm Trail Triathlon (Lake El Reno - El Reno) The Chisholm Trail Triathlon was started with the idea in mind of having a late season race for Tri-OKC members, open participants, and the college…
  • Groovefest (Andrews Park - Norman) Founded in 1986 by the OU Chapter for Amnesty International, Groovefest in Norman is a human rights music festival promoting…
  • Heritage Hills Historic Home Tour (Overholser Mansion - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 The Heritage Hills Historic Home Tour has been a staple Oklahoma City fall activity for over 50 years and provides a unique…
  • OKC Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 For a high quality gun show with great prices and selection, visit the OKC Gun Show in Oklahoma City. Held at Oklahoma State…
  • Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association Round 12 Race (Sundog Trails - Lexington) Day 2 of 2 Grab your bikes and head to Lexington for a weekend of thrilling cross-country racing at the Heart of Oklahoma XC…
  • Oklahoma Fall Bridal Show (Nigh University Center - Edmond) Meet Oklahoma's best wedding professionals at the Oklahoma Fall Bridal Show in Edmond. See spectacular fashions,…
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Monday, Oct 7th

  • The Tempest (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Shakespeare on the Paseo presents: The Tempest tells a captivating story of a man left on a distant island in isolation.…
  • Trail of Terror & Haunted Barn (El Reno) Thru Sat, Oct 26th El Reno's Trail of Terror & Haunted Barn challenges you to withstand the frightening fun they have planned this…
  • Lexington Zombie Farm (Lexington) Thru Sat, Nov 2nd Can you survive a walk through the Lexington Zombie Farm? Get ready to encounter things that go bump in the night, as well…

Tuesday, Oct 8th

  • Cold War Kids in Concert (The Jones Assembly - Oklahoma City) Hear hit-making indie rock band Cold War Kids live at The Jones Assembly in Oklahoma City. First gripping audiences in…
  • Nyle DiMarco (University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma - Chickasha) Nyle DiMarco, deaf rights advocate, 2015 winner of America’s Next Top Model and 2016 winner of Dancing with the Stars…
  • The Tempest (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Oct 26th Shakespeare on the Paseo presents: The Tempest tells a captivating story of a man left on a distant island in isolation.…
  • Trail of Terror & Haunted Barn (El Reno) Thru Sat, Oct 26th El Reno's Trail of Terror & Haunted Barn challenges you to withstand the frightening fun they have planned this…
  • Lexington Zombie Farm (Lexington) Thru Sat, Nov 2nd Can you survive a walk through the Lexington Zombie Farm? Get ready to encounter things that go bump in the night, as well…

See Also

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Guys' trip to Shreveport + Horseshoe 1/3 NLH weekend review

I went to Shreveport this weekend for a guys' trip. This is my experience. This will be long and a lot will be common knowledge to live grinders. Believe it or not, I did cut out A LOT of unnecessary info..
I just want to start by saying the 1/3 game at The Horseshoe was AMAZING compared to the 1/2 games I've played 8+ years ago at Chocktaw/Winstar. I really hate low stakes NLH because of the 6-10x standard open and capped buyin, which basically turns the post flop game into a short stacked 2/5 game. 1/3 at The Horseshoe allows you to buy in and match the biggest stack. All of a sudden those $20 opens aren't so crushing. I've heard there is a 1/3 at Winstar. If you play there, please let me know if they have the same buyin setup.
First night, I get there, they just opened a new table, and I was able to sit down with people who also just arrived. I asked about the straddle situation. I do enjoy the button straddle element to the game, but rarely use it. They said if the table agrees, we can do a straddle/button straddle. We agreed. They put a small sign next to the dealer that indicates straddles are allowed. For those who don't know, a button straddle is where the button can double the big blind and take over as last to act pre. Once a button straddle is on, the small blind is now UTG and first to act. This table ended up being the best table I've played with probably ever. Most were drinking. There was a decent amount of action. Table talk was fun. I was immediately surprised how comfortable these players were that sat down. They all seemed to play very regularly and seemed like they would be good. Spoiler, they weren't. The players were limp/calling pre and very passive post for the most part. I get the feeling most would describe their game as TAG or LAG, but nearly all were completely Loose-Passive and Holdem Manager would label over half the table as fish. In online terms, I'd say this was a 45VPIP/10PFR table, which for my nitty game usually means cha-ching! I was right. By the end of it, I was in for $400 at 7:45pm and out at 11:30pm for $918. The free drinks were great and I got a bit drunky, which is mostly why I got up. I'm usually the worst drunk poker player ever, but managed to stick with the strategy this time. I didn't play a flashy game. I was nervous and had shaky hands for the first hour. I just played super tight, fold or raise pre(only limping blinds and rarely), big squeezes with premiums, and take it down on the flop or turn. I would have liked to have made smaller value bets to keep players in, but I was pretty determined to post a win and was quick to take them down. That way I can talk my wife into letting me play live more. I haven't played live at a casino in 2 and a half years and that makes me sad. Profit: $518 over 3.75 hours Stack: My stack next to my buddy's absurd stack. He's a genuine LAG and much better than I am. You can also see the button straddle sign in red next to the dealer
It was a guys' trip and we don't all play poker, so I didn't want to spend all my time at the table. I continued the drinky, including celebratory shots, and went to bed at 1am. Sadly, the dad in me woke up at 7am anyway. Two of my friends wake up at 8:30 despite staying up til 5am. We all get ready and watch Tiger play at the hotel until the only place we could find that has TV opens up, Hooters.
At 12:30, I'm back at the table. I'm pretty sure most of the players came from a dwindled 2/5 game because I look around and see some mega stacks from multiple OMCs. At least 3 have black chips($100) and I see a lot of green chips($25) out there. I think the big stack had about $2.5k. This table was a lot tighter preflop overall. I'd say this was about a 30VPIP/15PFR table. I play my same game waiting for cards. I end up about $150 up after an hour. I picked up queens and had a good flop. Took down $100. I did the same with an AK hand. Then I ran into a couple of OMCs that were not havin' it. I squeezed to $22 in position with AQo. OMC pops it to $225 after having limped originally. I let it go. Another hand, the King OMCs raises to $10. I raise to $25 with AJs. King OMC calls and the flop is AT3 with a flush draw possibility. I have top pair and no flush draw. Yay! I lead out for $25, which now I think I'd rather have checked. OMC pops it to $65. I think this is an easy call and see what happens, but this man has made zero plays so far. I mean, he has just sat there and I'm at times genuinely concerned he might be dead. Not this time. He woke up and I just folded. I had a weird feeling and let it go. Not long after that hand, and I shit you not, another OMC walks up to his king and at some point I hear the words "I wish they could hook this straight up to my veins." King OMC laughs in approval. I am not making this up. About this time, I'm ready to leave. I was super hung over, my hands were shaking even when I wasn't in a hand, and I had one of those back of the eyeball headaches. And let's face it, this table is not a great one for my game. In for $600 at 12:30 and out for $634 at 2:30. Profit: $34 over 2 hours (Did not take picture of my $34 profit stack)
I go back to my shithole room at Diamond Jacks and take a nap while my buddies hit up the pool. When I say shithole, I mean the tv is an old tube that cuts off the far right and left of every channel. Nice Jacuzzi tub, though. I can't complain too much. The room was only $250 for Friday and Saturday nights, which means I only paid $125 since we split the room. The TV: Not bad Jacuzzi tub:
After the nap, we eat and I'm back at the tables at 7:30. I'm super groggy this time. The table is great for action, but full of shady individuals who don't talk. I watched one guy pick up his big blind after the dealer forgot to scoop it in the pot. A few of us noticed, but didn't say anything. I later found out the guy he screwed out of $3 was his own brother. I have a few good hands. I had queens again that won me $40 preflop when I squeezed to $80. I picked up another $60 when I get AsJs and 5 $12 callers. I flopped two spades and bet $35 to take it down. Headache is gone, so that's a plus. Good news. After almost 2 hours, I'm up nearly $200. I decide to go ahead and pack it up. The trip has paid for itself, I'm too exhausted to concentrate, and time to get drunk one last night before it's back to reality. In for $400 at 7:30, out for $598 at 9:15. Profit: $198 over 1.75 hrs Stack: Again, my buddy's stack on the last night. He ended up winning all 3 sessions with over $2k profit for the weekend:
Total of $748 over 7.5 hours ~$100/hr Yay!
TL;DR Went to Shreveport for a guys' trip. Had a great time. Found the 1/3 game is big and players are generally passive. Won some money and my friend won a lot more. I highly recommend it for those internet grinders who want to leave their basements every once in a while and try out live poker.
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Texas state troopers seized 950ish in cash on my way to LA (state not the city)

This weekend I was traveling from Dallas to Shreveport to meet my girlfriend for a fun weekend on the casino boats.
I got stopped by a state trooper outside of tyler and during the course of the stop I was asked if I had any large amounts of cash on me. I said no. The trooper said in a joking voice. "You mean to tell me you are going to shreveport without any cash? Cmoooooon" OR something along those lines. I just nonchalantly said. "Just my paycheck." This is when the trooper decided to lose his joking tone and said. "Step out of the car please."
He asked me how much I have on me and I replied that it was none of his business as I have receipts for everything on me. Literally the bank stub of me depositing my check and withdrawing a grand. Then a gas station stub showing I spent 48 and some change. So I had 8 bills on me 2 20s a 10 and a 1 in my wallet. I told him that all of my money is accounted for and did not come from any illicit source. Even said I have my paycheck stub.
He made me wait until the k9 came. The dog circled my car a hundred times. Or 10. He circled me 5 times. Then I had my wallet forcibly removed. I really dont need to say much else of what happened. The troopers claimed I was going to buy drugs in shreveport. Even though I live and work in dallas.
I went ahead and had a nice weekend in shreveport where I won almost double what was stolen from me... before promptly losing almost all of that too but that is beside the point. Now I am kinda stuck on what to do. I have receipts from my bank, the gas station, from the casino, the hotel, and just about everywhere I went proving where the money came from and where it was going to go.
I do not know who to contact atm. The state trooper office in Tyler? The Tyler PD? I tried calling the local trooper office near tyler and was told to call another number. Which did not work.
So I am at step one. I realize that getting a lawyer is pointless as it will cost more than 951 dollars to get my money back so I am going to try to do this by myself. Stupid I know but its the best way I know to get my money back. Unless anyone knows of low cost law firms or firms that only take a portion of the money this is my best option.
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Things to eat, see, do + nightlife?

Me and my girlfriend are headed to Shreveport this summer for about a week. May 21st -25th. NOLA would have been the more “party” choice but we’ll be going again in July so I wanted to check Shreveport out. I was wondering what kind of things there were for us to do, being typical college kids. We’re not big on casinos, but anything else including events, festivals, shops, districts, museums, would be ideal. Also, my girlfriend LOVES dancing, so I was wondering if there were some recommendations for clubs, bars, and just night life in general would be awesome! Personally I love food, so if y’all could throw in recommendations for the best places to eat, I’d appreciate it as well. Thank you!!
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Ok /Shreveport you know the Post by now! Who's going drinking ? Who's going to moms? Who's going to New Orleans, Dallas and Houston? Who's got a brother in Monroe? Who's got expired tags and got pulled over? Who is tailgating me on 220 at 6am? Who's losing money at the casino? NO DOCTOR WHO THIS WEEKEND! NO WALKING DEAD THIS WEEKEND!
Lets here your plans, your hopes, your dreams.
The best gym is Plex Gym on Airline if you want to get a headstart on your new years resolution!
Tell them Charlie Sent you!
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Meeting up with friends in Shreveport. Where to stay?

My husband and I are planning to meet up with some friends in Shreveport over memorial day weekend. We are meeting there, because it is a halfway drive for both of us. (They live in Arkansas we live near New Orleans) Neither of us have ever been to Shreveport. I was looking online for what to do and where to stay.
Are there any places to stay with easy walk ability and safe. We are not much into casinos, but I would not mind to stay at one. Right now the best hotel I see is margaritaville, but I don't know if there is much to do in that area.
EDIT: Changed the state
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Man arrested after running naked from police in casino

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 44%. (I'm a bot)
Police say 24-year-old Terrence Roquemore, of Deberry, Texas is charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault on a police officer, battery of a police officer, resisting an officer with force, disturbing the peace/drunk and obscenity.
Police were called for a report of a naked disorderly man who refused to leave.
The naked man, later identified as Roquemore, was running around in an excited state and refused to comply with repeated orders from officers.
An officer used a chemical spray in an attempt to subdue him after he allegedly took an aggressive stance, according to a release from Bossier City police spokesman Mark Natale.
That's when police say Roquemore began to throw chairs and hit an officer.
He was taken to a Shreveport hospital, where police say he remains as of late Wednesday morning.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Police#1 officer#2 Roquemore#3 hospital#4 Bossier#5
Post found in /news.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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[1,659] "Saving Death" Chapter 1

Here's my critique. Bit old, but I DID IT! Here's another one. To catch up to word count
Looking for unbiased, honest critiques about this first chapter in my first 'serious' story I'm writing. Previously only written in RPs on reddit, short stories, and a fanfiction story. I feel I need to work on both sentence flow (actions transitioning to exposition/past specifically) as well as the length of my descriptions and tendency to ramble. So, any tips on those, and anything else you notice, would be much appreciated!
Sorry for Reddit submission, I'm not able to make a Reddit-specific google account at the moment. :( I tried to make it easier, a new paragraph/line is color coded with gray.
EDIT: In terms of what I'm going for, first chapter is to establish Wallace as a character, what life he lives, etc. Tonally I'm going for a mostly serious with some humor splashed in, Wallace is intended to be pretty light hearted (already messed that up, I realize) and is supposed to go through a major change over the course of the book to 'hardened badass'. I'm mainly looking for critiques to make sure everything flows nicely, if it's a nice intro chapter, easy to read, and tone. Plot isn't really showing up until the end and even then it's a line of it so I don't really worry about that.
This is obviously part of a bigger story. Glenn/Dog is, obviously, the dog at the end. He's the demon Glasya-Labolas with a little twist, he is a total addict to drugs and a huge amnesiac so he doesn't know he turns into a dog.
Mainly concerned with spelling and paragraphing. Not too worried over grammar. This is still a rough draft so changes can obviously be made. Thanks in advance! If you have questions, let me know!
Wallace McKnight was nothing if not stubborn. He had hit the snooze on his alarm clock a few too many times already. The digital clock reading 4:08 PM and casting a small, green glow on his freckle ridden face. A nose a bit too big sat above thin lips, that seemed to be in a perpetual state of discomfort, and between two bright blue eyes peeking from behind obsidian-like hair. Eventually, after the third alarm buzz, his eyes shot open to glance around his messy room as his hand snaked from under the covers to power off the clock.
He had already missed his afternoon class, unfortunately. Wally had already read the assigned chapters, done the worksheet, and studied. His main reason for attending class was because he hated missing anything...also because today was the day he was going to ask out Samantha Burnes. However, missing class also meant he could visit his mom before she went to bed!
With a pep in his step, despite being groggy from over sleeping, he dressed in his nicer clothes; only the best for his mom. Although, the best of his clothes consisted of a black jacket with small holes in right sleeve accompanied by jeans that were still wet from the rain and a maroon shirt that could have passed for a senior citizen with how many wrinkles it had. All in all, he looked like a normal teen working full time with no money.
Leaving his humble apartment, located in what was known as The Dog's Den in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana, Wally nearly tripped over Glenn. The druggie that always seemed to be locked out of his apartment.
"Hey man, what're you doing in my room?" Glenn's speech was slurred, his blond hair, pointing every which way, went just past a nose that looked like it had been punched, "I thought I locked the door...." He voice trailed away as his eyes slowly closed.
Wally had a soft spot for him, sure he was an addict but he was never a bother; more like his floor's mascot. Plus, Wallace had convinced his landlord to give Glenn the home of a recently evicted person. He'd stumbled upon Glenn on the street, curled up like a stray dog on a piece of cardboard in The Dog's Den. When Glenn moved next door to Wallace, the other residents learned where he came from and soon Glenn was known as an endearing way. Soon, Wally became a sort of caretaker for Dog, the friend always looking out for him.
"Come on, big guy, let's get you to your bed." He lifted the dazed man, slinging Glenn's arm over his own shoulder to help keep the addict upright.
The door wasn't locked, even if they wanted to lock it the door frame and knob would resist since they were busted to hell from the previous renter. Getting the door opened all the way proved difficult, for some reason Dog had stacked empty boxes by the door like cardboard sky scrapers that toppled over almost instantly when Wallace entered. Whilst dragging his friend to his couch, Wally had done this several times before, he took notice of just how much Glenn's apartment had changed since he was last here.
The contents of the cardboard boxes were evident by what lied in the living room. A square table with two legs screwed in and on its side, the underside of the table had been scribbled on with bright markers. The words PLAGUE and ZAZES were written above what looked like an elementary child's drawing of a woman getting stabbed by the devil. Below the murder scene was a symbol, a cross made to crucify someone with four arms, the strange cross planted firmly into a sideways eight.
Image of symbol, it shows up centered on a new line in my evernote doc
"That's my easel...." Glenn muttered, lazily pointing to the table as he walked away from Wally to plop down on a couch with flattened cushions. Wally could then see that Dog had somehow gotten on Ebay as the room was littered with busted knick knacks, likely bought at a discount, as well as torn up history books that ranged from The French Revolution to subjects as obscure as whatever The Shroud of Turin was. Dog had always been pretty big on reading, but he had a mini library in his living room now as opposed to the same five books he was reading a few months ago. Wallace hadn't had to put Glenn to sleep for weeks, he'd been so busy with school and work that when he finally got home Glenn was nowhere to be found.
"Are you going to be alright, Glenn?" Wally asked, looking at a stack of envelopes on one of Dog's easels, which were just any flat surfaces he could find.
"Just bring me back some dinner." Dog, face buried in the cushions of his sofa, waved at Wally as he fell asleep; leaving his friend to question if he was able to breath properly in that position.
Shaking his head with smile, Wally agreed to bring back some food as he closed the apartment door, "Sure, bud." Having taken care of Dog, Wallace was able to finally head downstairs, pulling his hood over his head, and head outside to the chilly, winter winds of Louisiana.
He had no car but he did own a bike. Sadly, riding one in the rain wasn't smart since the sidewalks and roads looks like they experienced a major tectonic plate shift. So he opted to just walk to his mom's place but stopped just a block away from his apartment. He'd forgotten his wallet and watch.
With a sigh, he made his way back up to his apartment, shutting Glenn's door as he passed, and went into his apartment to get his wallet and watch. Of course, he had no money in his wallet but he would need his ID to see his mom and he never liked to leave his house without his watch. It had fallen off his nightstand during his sleep, probably caught in the crossfire of his wild attempt to hit the snooze on his alarm clock, but he gripped the silver pocket watch in his hand. It had stopped working when he was six, around May 2002, but Wallace had held onto it anyways; it was the last thing he or his mother owned of his dad's.
Wallace's database on his dad was practically nonexistent, his mom didn't talk about his dad much nor did she own any pictures of him. She simply stated that he was a musician that traveled around a lot. It had taken years to learn that much about his dad, getting a straight answer from Wally's mom was much akin to climbing up a mountain without any gear. But, with his broken pocket watch in hand, he was now ready to go see her. Maybe he could pry some info from her about his dad or they'd just play dominoes as they always did. After opening the door and locking it his legs buckled as he fell to the ground. A scruffy looking dog had bolted past, or in this case through, him and was heading towards the stairs in a blur of gold.
"Damn dog..." He cursed to himself, it showed up every so often and as far as he could find out it didn't belong to anyone. It had matted, golden hair, looking like it spent a lot of time in dumpsters and mud puddles, and stood at about Wally's upper waistline. Standing up he saw that Glenn's door was open again, it usually blew open if Glenn had a window even cracked just a smidge so it wasn't unusual. Pulling the door shut, Wallace went downstairs, yet again, to his mother's.
The walk was uneventful despite being downtown. With it being a Wednesday evening, traffic of people leaving work filled the streets and people were walking all around; the city was like a mini New York. Wallace could look up and see the big bank skyscraper that used to be for a phone company standing just above The Building on Fire. It was a big casino that had weird windows and glass all around it that distorted the sunsets and sunrises to make the gold-ish, horseshoe shaped building look like it was lit aflame. He stepped over a sleeping homeless person, who mumbling, and passed several shops that were going out of business. Shreveport had seen better days. Even during the market crash a few years ago it was still somewhat up and running, but now was worse than ever. People were losing their jobs, shops were closing down, gangs were growing and the mayor died just last week.
Wally liked to call it Gotham City.
It wasn't too long of a walk to his mom's, about fifteen minutes if he took shortcuts down some alleys; which he did. Normally people wouldn't dare walk down the alleys near Dog's Den, which was right next to the Red River and stretched for several blocks into downtown, but Wallace knew enough people to where no one would jump him. He'd made friends with a few gang members, not intentionally of course, a cop that frequented the diner he worked at, and even a few homeless people; one less now that Glenn had a home.
So, he was caught off guard being ambushed in the middle of an alley one block from his mom's place.
The first thing he heard was a trash can falling over, clanking loudly as a rat scurried away from out of it. Next came a big puff like someone just threw a bag of flour on the ground hard enough to make it explode like a grenade, followed by an intense odor of rotten eggs and a flash of yellow clouding his vision. That was the fifth time Wallace McKnight had been jumped but the first time he'd been kidnapped.
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Visiting Shreveport

I plan on visiting Shreveport real soon to gamble a lil bit. I have never been. Im hoping to get some advice on what I should expect. Which casinos are the best? Do I get free drinks while I gamble? Also, what hotel is the best around that area?
Update: First off, Thanks for all the advice. I look forward to the visit.
I booked a night at Shreveport Downtown. I know probably not the best hotel, but cheap and withing walking distance of casinos. Also, most medium rate hotels were booked for that particular night. We are looking at restaurants to go to for dinner. Any recommendations? I would think cajun would be the preferred choice in the city.
EDIT: Make it out with everything paid for and an extra $21. Successful Trip. Thanks for all the info!!!
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Places to play living in Arkansas

I think Tunica is closest to me. I played there years ago but never really liked the vibe. Am willing to go back. Which casino is best for NLHE cash? Any recommendations in Shreveport? Thanks!
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Mushroom Trip in Casino.

Psychedelics are a pretty new concept for me, so is Reddit so please excuse any of my errors as I type this story out to the best of my ability.
First off I'd like to say I am only 17 years old. A lot of my friends are older people and that leads me to a lot of places that I can't enter under the age of 21, with that being said last week I was on the way to a casino in a city called Shreveport, LA.
I was with my two friends who we will call L and J, L had a friend who we will call P come into town to visit his parents and he brought a QP of shrooms.
They were very close through out Highschool so P let L hold a half oz of shrooms on the condition that he payed him back this Friday. I bought a 1/8th of shrooms from P since I would be out of the house for a while and in a neat place to trip.
I lemon tekd the 3.5g of the shrooms and smoked about 3 blunts on the way, around the time we got to the casino the shrooms were kicking in and hard ( I even took them on a empty stomach ) colors were much more vivid and everything was almost like moving.
L and J went inside the casino to play for a hour and Come out, only the didn't play for a hour they played for about 3.
So here I am in the casino lobby listening to music tripping shit looking at all the flashing lights just blown away by the visuals and the trails and the colors it was a amazing experience and I recommend it as a comfortable place to trip in public. Photograph of some of the shrooms
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[Table] I am a casino executive. AMA

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-06-16
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What's you're best story about someone trying to con/steel from the casino? I figure you're looking for some kind of crazy Oceans 11 story (of which there are several in the industry but none on my watch), but honestly the best ones are people trying to steal from the fucking buffet.
Mom comes in with two kids and says they're not eating so she shouldn't have to pay. The cashier says OK.
Fast forward 15 minutes and the cashier notices that the kids are missing.
Best AMA response ever. have an upvote! We had set out in the foyer those bags for your umbrella so the floor doesn't get wet.
Lady takes one, goes to the buffet, and starts filling it with food. Brazenly. Not trying to hide it.
We stop her and she says "what? this is all you can eat?!"
"Sit down and eat the contents of the bag then..." We found a HUGE ziplock bag of food by a table. The "customer" had obviously left it behind.
She realized she forgot it and came back to get it about 30 minutes later.
You should hire me as a buffet monitor i can pose as a customer then obnoxiously call them out for stuffing their purses with chicken fingers and mashed potatoes w/gravy. "HEY FAT LADAYYY I SEE YOU STEALIN THEM CHIKKAN FINGAZ!" Have a lady who consistently bitches about having to pay full price since she can't consume a lot because of her gastric bypass.
Do you actually have a policy to ask people to leave if you feel they lost more than they can afford? i watched a piece by loius theroux once where he asked this question to some of the managers of a casino and they all said "oh, i know they can afford it, of course we would ask them to stop if they couldnt". but obviously, from a business perspective, this is counter-intuitive towards making profits. so what is your take on this whole thing? and what is the overhead like for running a casino? what are some expenses you have which may be surprisingly high? We never make judgment on whether or not they can afford it. We really only step in if they come to us or start doing something overt like begging for money or asking for loans, etc. In the macro view, it's very bad for business if we don't do something about problem gambling when it presents itself.
Overhead... EBITDA margin of 30% is great.
Expenses... I guess crab legs would be too obvious? Besides that, maybe table games labor. You have a 0.5% house advantage at blackjack and have to have a physical person here 24/7 plus a supervisor for every 5-6 games.
What games are the biggest money makers for the casino? and coincidentally, Ace, ever ran a sports book? Penny slots by far.
Ha. No. But have worked in casinos that have them.
But why do I always win/come out ahead max-betting on the fucking Sex and the City penny slot? Google "law of large numbers"
1) How do you like the city? (So many people hate on it, and I don't understand why). Also, how did you like UNLV and when were you there? 1.) I actually just moved away for a job. I just think Vegas is OK. I moved there when I was in my mid-20s with a decent job so it was cool and exciting then. Fast forward a decade or so and the allure isn't there anymore. It's not "home" and I don't think it will ever will be because of how transient the population is.
2) to me it seems like a pretty small about of locals gamble (at least at the strip properties), do you guys keep tabs on those numbers? If so, what is the ratio of your gambling customers? 2.) I don't have the numbers in front of me, but we did a study one time and showed that Vegas has the highest incidence of regularly gambling activity in the nation. I always just felt that was a function of accessibility and self selection on the part of the residents. But you're right that locals don't go to the strip. The marketing offers are terrible compared to the non-strip properties and it's a pain to get to the strip just to get your gambling fix.
To what extent is organized crime still present in or around the casinos? Any personal encounters? Virtually none AFAIK.
The industry is very, very heavily regulated. When you get to the executive ranks you have to go through very, very thorough background checks. 5 years of tax returns, 5 years of all cancelled checks, explanations of all withdrawals > $200 and deposits > $500, in depth interview with an agent, etc.
The last time I've heard of legit organized crime here in the states (places like Macau are an entirely different story) was in Rosemont, IL I think in the mid-90s.
Link to
Damn, all withdrawals over $200? For the past 5 years? "Uh, I dunno, I don't really remember why I withdrew $300 from an ATM 3 years ago. Maybe I spent it buying some off of Craig's List, I dunno." Yeah, it's really ridiculous.
Explain Macau? The Triad are heavily influential there. Kind of like what you'd imagine in Vegas in the 50s.
Holy shit, I live in Des Plaines. Des Plaines' only problem now is how to more quickly count all the money they're making
The scene from Skyfall comes to mind. Yep.
Organized crime is the muscle of the casino, the security guards, the directors of security, the private investigators, the small business owners, the gamblers who launder money through the casinos. Of course the mob isn't like the movies anymore. Well i'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you on everything except the money laundering despite the fact we have to live by Title 31 Link to
It is true that if a person is on a helluva winning streak and is consistantly winning and you cant figure out why... you will demand that he take his winnings and leave and never show his face in the place again? (kick him out for winning). It's possible but relatively rare. you have to have enough cash to really turn out our lights to get to that point. for the vast vast majority of people, we have more money than you so as long as feel like we can get you back in the door, go ahead and win away
So that scene in Rain man is totally bullshit then? Where they consistently win and make $80,000 from a couple of thousand... then are told to GTFO after the casino guys couldnt figure out how they were doing it. Bullshit only in the sense that couldn't figure out what was going on
What gives a person the best odds when playing Blackjack-playing with more decks or less decks? i seem to win more with tables that use 6 decks and my friends do better with 4 decks.. It's a lot more than the number of decks and the casinos use that information asymmetry to their advantage (e.g., $5 SINGLE DECK BLACKJACK!!!) Everything being the same, the less amount of decks the better but we will change the payouts for BJ, rules for splitting and double down, etc. to our advantage. So you can have a 6-deck shoe with otherwise very liberal rules that have a lower house advantage than a single deck show with very unfavorable rules.
So with the same set of rules, less decks is more favourable? Yes everything else being equal
Is that just because it's easier to count or is it fancy math stuff. Fancy math stuff.
Six Decks: -0.02% Five Decks: -0.03% Four Decks: -0.06% Two Decks: -0.19% One Deck: -0.48%
Link to
Ever seen anyone get naked or have sex in the casino or bathrooms? Boobs pop out of the cocktail waitresses' uniforms relatively often because they'll get tops 3 sizes too small in order to get bigger cleveage/tips.
Saw chick blowing a dude at a slot machine at the entrance of a club.
And Vegas has all of these European-style pools so if you're out there "inspecting the grounds" then all those girls are topless.
Sweet. What'd you do with the BJ couple? Pic of one of the pools please? Security was running towards them so I just assumed they got the boot.
Pools = just go to imagefap and look for topless beaches.
Do you ever feel guilty for all the money people lose to your business? Of course.
Did you see the fictional series "Tilt" on ESPN about 5-7 years ago? Any opinions on it? Did you find it entertaining? Did you find any of it accurate at all? Vaguely. And when I say that I mean I remember the series and watching a bit of it and that's it.
To us, the holy grail of Casino movies is Casino and Rounders.
Thanks for the response! I love Rounders, but it seemed to focus more on the players, and more on non-casino-based games, whereas Tilt was as much about the casino management as anything else. I should watch Casino. Yeah if you're interested in the casino management piece then Casino.
Does your casino make any efforts to stop problem gamblers from betting more than they can afford? Every casino company has policies regarding problem gambling that are audited by the state. Each state also has its own minimum guidelines like mandating that brochures be placed in very visible areas of the casinos, hotline numbers printed on every ad, etc.
It's a delicate situation when you think someone might have a problem because, well it might not be a problem. So we generally only do things if they specifically ask us to (e.g., they can ban themselves) or if they start doing something really egregious like asking players or employees for loans at which point we'd probably pull them aside and hand them a brochure and ask if there's anything we can do to help because what they're currently doing is unacceptable (the begging).
There's a casino near my house that keeps a full time car appraiser on staff. I've always felt that's a little shady. You ever run into anything like that? No way.
Even though I believe casino gambling should be legal, I find the practice of casino's providing credit to be morally indefensible. What is your opinion on the practice? Would it be a reasonable compromise to allow for more casinos on the stipulation that gambling on a margin is banned? So if I'm a high worth individual who likes to gamble, your expectation is that I just bring in a suitcase of $100s to gamble with?
No, a debit card. Reasonable.
A debit card? not reasonable...a credit limit is the only feasible way some patrons can gamble...most people do not want to walk around with 50k in there pocket...and I'm not sure how you would go about withdrawing thousands of dollars from an ATM machine. I was being sarcastic. It's a huge competitive disadvantage to not be able to offer credit (e.g., Missouri) because no high roller wants to play there. You'd have to physically go to the bank, withdraw 20K cash or whatever, somehow survive walking to your car, and then somehow survive walking to the casino from your car. TBF, there's also what is called front money which is where you can wire money to us and we will hold it for you but you have to pay the fees vs us offering you credit free. I did have a millionaire player who strictly got his money off of a variety of credit cards and would just do cash advances. We obviously never questioned it but he had apparently had a huge credit line (evidenced by the amount he was able to withdraw) and enough to pay it back (evidenced by him able to come often). one cares if "you believe casino gambling should or shouldn't be legal"
How do you know if i am card counting, and do you care if i am not playing for big money? Primarily odd fluctuations in your betting patterns. $5, 5, 5, 5, then $1,000, then $5, 5, 5, 5 would catch our eye big time.
, big money! We care. Small wins add up.
What if i went 5,5,5,20? Would you care then? At those low levels no one would be on the lookout for you.
How automated is the alerting system for this? Pit boss getting info from the sky I assume? Not very automated. There are a variety of technologies out there designed to thwart this but they're expensive and casinos are too staid to invest.
So basically it's just either surveillance or the pit supervisor noticing something odd then starting to keep track of the bets.
Might be a silly question, but does stuff ever go down like it does in the movies? Like, say some guy is cheating in one way or another or doesn't take a hint to leave. Is he going to get taken into a back room and get his ass kicked or just escorted out? Taking fingers, breaking knee caps etc. etc. Nah, too highly regulated these days.
At what point do you start looking for card counters? If I'm playing with a $50-200 bet spread am I noticeable? Is the the spread (4:1, 8:1, 20:1) the dollar figure or a combination? Sorry this isn't my area of expertise so I can't with this level of specificity. I'd think a 4X spread wouldn't be bad, though, but just an educated guess.
You could buy a membership to the Green Chip forum (, though and read up on the reverse engineering they've done.
I would venture a guess that electronic card games have pattern recognition built right in? I don't know how they do the shuffle. I'd imagine it's a fresh shuffle before every hand like in video poker thus nullifying counting.
Well I understand that, but profits on a casino are through the roof, are they not? I assume that there is a relatively low amount of card counters , and that you still will make a very good profit. Profits aren't as good as you'd think post 2008 economy.
Bottom line is that it ain't ever gonna happen. Sorry.
What is the biggest amount you have seen someone lose? I was working at Wynn when Andy Beal played "The Corporation" so that was like $16.5MM he lost to them I believe.
That's fucking cool, I read the book detailing the events of this, Link to Any cool stories etc from your point of view from then? Honestly, everything I found out about it at the time was from 2+2. I didn't have direct access to the players so it wasn't really like I could analyze the session with Phil afterwards.
Urban legends of someone winning big at the slots but having it taken away to a glitch. Has this really happened to your knowledge? Not urban legend. Many cases like this. The player never wins. Google it and you'll find tons of them. E.g.,
Link to
This one is international but I think is the funniest. Not only did you "win" $55MM on a machine that stated the max jackpot was $50K but after winning $55MM, you went ahead and played another spin... just in case...
Link to
Damn that sucks. Well here is one for you. Did you know that in Panama you can double down at the black jack tables at any point. It gives you a huge advantage and you can win a lot of money that way. I'd heard something like that. My best friend (avid gambler) went to Costa Rica and basically came back saying he had to totally re-learn BJ when he was down there because of all of their crazy rules.
If that's true about Panama, I'm surprised there aren't people haven't just set up shop down there and pillaged that place until they went bust.
No i didnt have sex with the hooker but my friend did make out with her drunk. As would I. What's up with fucking people who just make out? Fucking amateur hour. This isn't fucking 7th grade.
He didn't know that she was a hooker and was just putting the moves on her. He thought he was just really smooth with his broken spanish. What he didn't know what that I paid her to keep quiet about it. He looked REALLY sad when someone else bought her and he realized what she was. I actually did something similar for my friend after he split up with his whore wife. We wanted to boost his spirits so gave a hooker $100 to go and flirt with him.
Shit man in Panama you can get a lot more than flirting for a hundo. Granted she won me a grand and i think i threw her 50 back. Well that and she got to make out with my friend...Worth it. Did your friend end up with the hooker hilarious movie style? Nah, this was in Vegas, he's cheap, and we're not that generous.
How do Vegas casinos differ from Native American casinos? Or are they essentially the same? Depends in the jurisdiction. in some there is no difference (e.g florida) while others are wildly different (e.g north Carolina)
I'm curious as to how they differ. I'm from NC but haven't been to any of the casinos around here. In NC, for example, games have to be "games of skill" so like on the slot machines you don't just pull the handle and watch the reels go round and round, you have to physically touch the game to stop each reel.
That's not true (I've been there). Admittedly it's been awhile since I've dealt with them (I used to work for Harrah's) but it was like that for awhile.
Link to (scroll down a bit)
They might have some that are like that, but the handful I played (there are a shit ton) were not. Apparently they've got table games there now, too, which is new from when I was last there just a year ago. Well the states quickly understand that they're leaving money on the table (no pun intended) but creating this arcane regulations.
Fastest growing casino region? AC? Vegas? Macau? Macau.
Absolutely nothing domestically.
Why? Distance to the large volume of middle and wealthy chinese? Yes, and whose culture has a high propensity for gambling.
Why isn't counting cards allowed? Lets say I was a math genius, isn't it just part of the game then? Because we reserve the right to serve whomever we please as long as we're not discriminatory against a protected class.
I see. It just seems like mocking people for being good. Maybe if I was a black math genius with down syndrome I could get along with it. No offense to either btw. Perhaps but we're not particularly concerned.
Btw, I'm a bit of an advantage gambler myself. I only play low house advantage games, maximize my coupons and promotions etc. so I'm sympathetic but there's just nothing that can be done on the card counting front.
Private business CAN discriminate based on protected classes, just bad business to do so. Then don't come to my casino.
Semi-serious question: have you ever crashed someone's hand with a hammer because he/she was found cheating? Boy do I wish, but no.
Could you explain why it is so difficult to get casinos in states that do not already have them? Im from Dallas, and it seems that the Oklahoma casinos are 70%+ Texans. It seems our state is losing a ton of $ to other states. (Oklahoma, Louisiana...) In Texas it's because your legislature meets relatively irregularly. expansion since the 90s has been predicated on budget shortfalls and using gaming to patch up those holes.
Texas' economy has been relatively good so combine that with a conservative legislature that doesn't meet often as we'd have have to have the perfect storm of you having a bad economic run at the same time the legislature is meeting.
Trust me, we are ready to pounce when that happens.
Okay so a couple of years ago there was a show called "Las Vegas" and it was about a casino. Hosts are basically your sales team to high worth players. The compensation structure is just like any other salesperson: base + commission.
Not sure if you ever saw it, but there was a character named Sam and she was a casino hostess and she was kind of a bitch but I always wanted to be that (casino host not bitch). How can I get into that? So, if you've never done that kind of work before or sales at all for that matter, you just need to take anykind of remotely similar job and then just keep trying to plug along with the job search.
Well I cant wait until it happens. I will gladly donate my fair share for a free Paula Dean buffet. We've owned land for decades in preparation.
You see where companies like PENN have already bought stakes in racetracks there, taking a bet that racinos (adding slots to tracks) will be the states first foray.
The owner of Landry's (also owns the Nugget) has said repeatedly that as soon as the law is passed he can have working slots in Galveston overnight. Yeah. His family (Fertitta) started Stations casinos in Vegas (and MMA) and really big shots in town.
Yeah, as a Houstonian and gambler, I am really hoping one day it finally happens. I hate hate HATE driving to Louisiana and I haven't been able to make it out to Vegas in 2+ years. The folks in Lake Charles and Shreveport do not share your sentiment.
I'm sure they don't. Bud of mine wanted to make an ad campaign of just going to Isle of Capri and showing the license plates. You mean Pile of Debris.
Highest progressive payout you've ever seen paid out? And what was the game? And any good stories about throwing out patrons? That I've physically seen? Probably like a $75K Caribbean Stud.
I have been encouraged by many people to get a job there, but no one, even me, knows where I should start. Personally, I don't enjoy gambling and have only been in the Hard Rock a couple times, just to see the lobby and buy shirts with some out of town guests. Probably on the non-gaming side. Not sure of your educational background but NA with degrees go very, very far very, very quickly.
So my question is where would you recommend someone to start in the casino industry, if they don't particulary like/understand gambling? If you want to work the front line, then hotel front desk or something like that.
I don't have a degree yet, but I do have 10 years in B2B (business to business) sales in telephony, so I know a lot about circuits/phone systems/general telecom. Native American.
EDIT: what does "NA" stand for? So then in your case either work in IT or maybe some kind of sales position like convention sales?
Oh I didn't know there would be some sort of sales team with a casino. Sweet. I considered IT, but I assumed it would be in the realm of network security, which I know little to nothing about. Who do you think maintains the phone switch, PCs, servers, etc.?
Proof? What would suffice without outing me?
You would know best what you have, however this sounds like it would be easier to prove confidentially to the mods. Things such as work ID, paystub, business card, etc are acceptable forms of confidential verification. I'll send a pic over to them. Never done this before so wasn't sure.
I have a BA in Accounting and am currently a Project Manager (Prior exp in Cost, Tax and Accural accounting, worked for the Big 4, Now I make Warheads for the Army). If I wanted to get into the Casino industry what jobs should I persue. What is the best way to persue them? Do people telecommute? Whats the pay range? We always need good finance people. There are always other industries they can work in so it's hard to find good people.
So I'd say just go be an accountant?
We post on all the major job boards and is the main industry-specific job board.
Telecommuting is not a regularly accepted practice.
For finance, it's just market rate salary.
How did you get your job? Was in undergrad and needed a job. responded to ad in paper for entry level job. worked my way up.
I'm going to guess that wasn't a typo. Not going to edit for the lulz.
You know what, why the hell not? Best way to make money fast? Well, assuming you have one and only one bet to make, the math always says banker on baccarat.
Any tips/secrets for slot machine players? Which one's your favorite type/brand? Learn to play video poker, blackjack, baccarat, or craps.
Anything video scares me..are there 'rules' in place for video poker or Bj blackjack to guarantee payouts or is it completely random? If random, how do we know the game isn't rigged in your favor? Completely Random.
Because it behooves the state not to let us rig the games so they employ strict regulations to prevent such.
For example, many states mandate that this company verify the legitimacy of a game: Link to
Those states that don't, do it themselves.
I accidently got my gf addicted to video poker but it paid well. Its a better chance and payoff than video slots IMO. No opinion about it, it is true.
Does this only go for high roller tables? Or does it also go for some guy that hits a big jackpot on the slots? Both.
Are security as horrible as people say in Vegas? I've heard from my relatives that purse snatching and such happens quite a bit and security shows up minutes after they were called (so pretty much useless). On the other hand, I've heard some amazing quick response time in Macau. Are these myths? Need some reference point. Horrible as compared to what. You've got a 3-mile long street with literally a million people on it. There's gonna be crime.
Hmmm... how about relative to san diego or fort worth? I'd say on par to Gaslamp but I'm no criminologist.
HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT!? I'm serious, I want the gritty details... You use a sleep number? Memory foam? Standard matress with some box springs? And what kind of pillow to. Oh, oh, and what is the thread count of your sheets... I'm a minimalist. Same mattress I've had for literally 15 years that I got at a department store. Hypoallergenic pillows from Target. 800 count. Also from Target.
Nice! Glad I registered my wedding at Target. Sounds like they got the good stuff. Decent and reasonably priced. The girls can't tell the difference between it and the really nice stuff.
Counting cards actually means that you are playing the game very well and it isn't cheating. How can you justify kicking someone out of a casino for being too good at the game? Also as far as I'm aware it isn't illegal. No it is not illegal but just like any other business we reserve the right to serve whomever we please (as long as we're not discriminating against a protected class, of course).
In essence you are keeping track of how many 10s/face cards and low cards are in the deck because high cards help the player, low cards help the dealer.
So if you know that the deck is rich in high cards you bet more and vice versa.
I will be attending UNLV for hospitality management in the fall. any tips? For undergrad? Make the program what you want out of it. Just by graduating no one is going to hand you a huge job but if you do well the brand recognition can really work in your favor.
Yep for undergrad. thanks for the answer! Go Rebels!
Does your business invest in gambling addictions or have employee training to prevent those who are gambling addicts from playing in your casino? I take it you mean gambling addiction treatment... And yes, we do: Link to
And every employee, at least in the majority of casinos, is trained on how to identify problem gaming.
How do you hire trust worthy people, meaning do you have some dude or gal that is like HR on steroids watching people? I imagine you have seen more than one case where there is employee theft or people who are running a front for money laundering? Well everyone goes through a background check through the state with fingerprints and whatnot then executives go through an FBI-style background check where they check all of your bank records and stuff.
But with so much cash floating around there is theft but it's basically like a bank so I can't imagine the incidence to be much higher than with tellers at banks.
How much do you make? Six figures + bonus.
Awesome. What was your path to this career choice? Like education/jobs. I just happened into it. Got entry level job during undergrad and worked my way up. Picked up master's while working.
Nice. Went to school for business I presume? For my master's yes. Have doo doo lib arts degree for undergrad.
Awesome! So you managed to get the entry level job with just an arts degrees then worked your way up? Or was the MBA necessary for where you are at now? I was in undergrad I got the job. It as entry level. $10/hr.
Master's not necessary but very helpful to stick out of the crowd.
Just noticed your name...classic. At around what limits are you able to get comps for free rooms out in either AC or Vegas? I would assume that Vegas is easier due to the vast amount of rooms, but what are your tips to earning comps faster? Depends on the property and depends on the game. And by rooms, do you mean like direct mail offers or the ability to walk up to someone and say "bitch, I'm a baller - hook me up!"
What do you know of online gambling? I did a bunch of preliminary work when I was a corporate person.
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