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Coaching Request for console gamers :)

I saw someone else on this sub do this, so credit to u/CasinoMussels, but I would like to help bronze, silver, and gold players climb out of their ranks!
About me, I am a 2900-3000 support player, peaked 3260, and I am 2700 dps player that plays only occasionally, but I'm looking to change that and grind hard in the next few seasons. I also peaked 3427 in open queue playing mainly Zarya, if that even matters.
I'd like to have one 'student' at a time, and I'll let you know if I'm already helping someone, and I'll also let you know when I'm available.
One last note, I would prefer to look at players who mainly play; Genjj, Tracer, Widow, Ana, Zen, McCree, and Zarya, but if you want to climb and don't play those heroes, I'd be happy to help and I'll try my best (I would like to think I have considerably good game sense and knowledge). Let me know in the comments your SR, the person you want to improve and climb as, and finally, what you're goal is in terms of sr (sadly I can't help after 3200, my highest sr reached in role queue)
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[Let's build D100] Ships you might come across in a busy port.

The party has come into a busy port and decide to visit some other ships. Who might they discover, what might they find?

d100 Interesting Ships in a Port

  1. Shani and Aurora's Tent of Two - The two goblin sisters Shani and Aurora sail providing services to port settlements. Shani claims to be a seer and charges 60gp for a "reading" of the future (she is not). Aurora 'The useful one' provides the service of casting identify for 20gp. She may also agree to sell some of her extensive library if offered the right price. [dweeb_bush]
  2. The Bones Brothers - The bones brothers are a travelling group of jolly bards. As their name suggests they are animated skeletons. Jimbo-double bass, Timbo-guitar, Limbo-vocals, Dimbo-marimba and Franky-drums. They are very hospitable and put on a show for anyone who comes and visits them! [dweeb_bush]
  3. The Lovers - A small nondescript boat lies just off the dock. The is no sign of activity on board apart from the dock inspector who is trying to find out who's boat it is. The truth is the owners of the boat died ten days ago and the boat has miraculously drifted safely into port. on a successful DC 10 investigation or perception check the party members discover two young male elves cowering in the cannonball chest. When the lid is lifted they start begging for their life. If pressed they reveal that the crew was attacked by sirens, the majority of the crew succomed to the siren's calls however the two young boys, deeply infatuated with each other did not care for their temptation. They ran out of food last night and thought they were surely doomed! [dweeb_bush]
  4. The Crows - A large black boat rests in port, neatly secured off one of the more expensive jettys. The most defining feature of the boat is that it is bustling with activity, not by humanoids but 3d12 black ravens. One wears a small captains hat and appears to undersatnd the party. If the party casts speak with animals they discover that the crows were awakened through a series of trials on a new spell aimed to mass awaken a group of creatures. The crows have varying degrees of intelligence and are all chaotic neutral alligned. The crows rebelled from, Hignory Flip, the wizard running the trials on a small island about 2 days sail from the port, and stole his ship. [dweeb_bush]
  5. Captain Redbeak! - A suspicious longship hovers low on the water. There is a steady stream of humanoids entering the covered boat and leaving a few minutes later with a small package. The ship belongs to Captain Redbeak, a feirce pirate captain who runs a drug trade: the drug in question is a relatively cheap drug called "Peak Water" and is collected dew from mountaintops, it gives the user a high that lasts 1d4 hours and gives the user a d4 of bardic inspiration. It costs 10gp per hit. The ship is manned by 2d6 Bandits, and if threatened or reported they will attempt to kill the party in defence of their lives. [dweeb_bush]
  6. Crazy Mr McGee - A delerious man stands warding off the dock guards with what looks like a loaded blunderbus. He's yelling about his notorious reputation as a savage pirate and keeps claiming they have come to "Take away my princess". The princess he's referring to is his boat- he imagines that it is a glourious gallion but in reality it's just a rowboat. If the party manage to subdue the man the dock guards thank them and offer to buy them a drink later that night in the tavern. [dweeb_bush]
  7. A Con??? - The players are drawn to a commotion hidden behind a crowd of people. A large goliath (Manneo) seems to have taken a small dwarf (Skalgrouth) hostage and is threatening to slit his throat if the dock guard do not meet his demands "I'll bloody well kill 'im if you don't give me what I want: 100gp worth of rubies and free passage out of this shit hole!". In reality the goliath and dwarf are working together pulling off this stunt at various ports in the area, so far, to great success! [dweeb_bush]
  8. The Rat's Den - The players follow a stream of rats on board a decrepid looking riverfairing vessel. When they make cross into the canvassed interior they see an old kobold playing the pipes, he seems to be a rat-catcher. If the party interrupt him in his ritual he turns the a swarm of rats against the party and runs off into the port. [dweeb_bush]
  9. Seeking Refuge - A smallish sloop titled 'The Diamond Endeavour' pulls into port, it's sinking and fast! A crew member (Emery Green) jumps onto the dockside and is yelling for help. The vessel was struck by a great storm while at sea and they sustained damage when they brushed by a reef. Luckily they werent wrecked but unluckily they could not repair all the damage with materials on board. They've been bailing for hours and can no longer bail as fast as the ship is filling up with water! If the characters wish to help they can make a DC 13 group athletics check to bail enough water to stop the crew from having to jump ship and leave it to sink. If the players are successful Emery thanks them profusely and offers them a map to a shipwreck they were on the way to dive at before the storm hit them. "It's rumoured that this is the wreck of the old pirate lord, Feather Toothed Bill's ship and may hold riches beyond imagine!" [dweeb_bush]
  10. The Gilded Sail - A group of merchants, all of various races, each offering unique, and expensive, magical trinkets. True to their name, their sail is actually a thin sheet of gold, and the rest of their ship is covered in valuable metals and gems. It’s also very well armed, as are the merchants aboard. Keep an eye on the rogue when this one’s around. [Dragon_Overlord]
  11. The Patchwork - A large ship which seems to have been destroyed and repaired numerous times with whatever material the crew had, from birch wood to copper metal to even welded armor and weapons. Speaking of the crew, they appear to be a mishmash of Kenku, Kobold, Halfling, and the occasional Tabaxi and Goblin. The captain appears to be a raccoon by the name of Majos, which, if your party stumbles upon the question of why and how a raccoon is a ship captain, she would respond with “a salty mage who didn’t know how to win a simple game of cards had a tantrum.” She would then offer the party a game of cards in which if the party beats Majos, she rewards the party a hefty sum of 100 GP, and if any party member is any of the races listed above, she rewards an additional magic item (DM’s choice) and offers a position to the party member for them to join her crew. Accept and the party is taken to an additional encounter to an island for treasure. Decline is acceptable and Majos would accept any favor from the party. [SpyroAndToothless]
  12. The Feyr Winds - An elegant ship that carries goods and treasures from far off Elven lands run by a mixture of elven and faerie creatures. Their most illustrious goods are fruits that can do many things such as heal wounds, cure poisons, or even granting stat bonuses for a minute! (Vendor: Fruits are magical and can take on the effect of any potion you want.) [OSpiderBox]
  13. Gnasher's Maw - A tribal-ized longship driven by a "merry" band of lizard folk. They obviously don't understand personal space or social norms, and are seeking people to help them with a Giant problem. (Hook: if your party is having downtime while they look for their next quest, this could be that hook they need.) [OSpiderBox]
  14. The Esteemed Steamboat - Artificers run this marvel of steam engineering. However... it's currently in a state of disrepair. Looks like heavy damage from some monstrosity. While they're extremely proficient in fixing it, they have no money and are looking for work to pay for supplies. (Allies: party could hire some of them for an upcoming task/adventure, or even offer to fund the repairs in exchange for favopassage.) [OSpiderBox]
  15. The Mainstream (You’ll never need a bigger boat!) - A casino cruise ship featuring a large game room, several bars, comfortable rooms, a pool and a hot tub fueled by a continual flame spell. It is captained by a tall, brown scaled lizardfolk woman named Kepesk. The dealers are kenku bards repeating rules and barking (“Step right up, try you’re luck at the Wheel of the Goddess of Fortune!”) There is also a large vault of gold on board, guarded by lizardfolk soldiers. One particular patron is looking for a few helping hands for a bit of a caper now that he knows the guards patrol schedules. [spiff2]
  16. Rocinante - A relatively fancy and expensive ship being up kept by the Quijano family and their servants. The last living member of the family is a young man, obsessed with swords and thirst for adventure. He agrees to let the team borrow the ship, in exchange for him coming with them on their adventures to wherever they’re going. [DrFishPhd]
  17. Deep Blue - In a corner of the harbour, a seemingly empty ship. Sails are neatly furled, crew seems to have left the ship mere hours ago. On the deck, small openings allows the visitor to enter the hold, in it, some barrels, hammocks. Beside one of the hammock, a book, quite old, written in an old version of Common language.In the middle of the hold, some blankets cover a group of trunks, under these trunks, another opening ... leading to another hold. In this hold, vessels, old fashioned lanterns, and some parchment written in ancient language. At the bottom of a bulkhead, an opening, some stairs gong down in another hold.Wood seems ancient, and strange figures are carved into the wooden parts of the boats. Some ancient runes are covering pillars. In the middle of the hold, a panel with nails made of some unknown metal, once open, stairs going down in the dark. From the shadows, the noise of little splaches. [doctor_providence]
  18. The Mosquito - Run by a crew of githyanki pirates. What seems like a normal battle vessel, once on the open ocean, the sails begin turning outward and suddenly the ship begins gliding above the waters surface at fast speeds. [GladiatorJustin]
  19. The C.H.U.D.- The Shell of a massive deceased Dragonturtle floats next to the dock, it’s ends sealed by mechanical claws, and a viewport fitted into the front. The C.H.U.D. (Chelonian Hammerworked Underwater Dirigible) was designed by the Gnomish Inventor Hector Copperspark. Crewed by gnomes and halflings as they are the only ones small enough to man the complex machinery crammed into the turtle shell, the C.H.U.D. is a mercenary vessel that hires out to perform naval attacks. Hector just got a lead on a new job, and he needs some muscle to pull it off... [Lakandalwa]
  20. The Temple - A ship that serves as a mobile temple to a water deity. It goes from port to port to carry services. [SMGB_NeonYoshi]
  21. Cloudscraper - One of the gems of the Romish Empire's formidable fleet, the Cloudscraper is a powerful warship specially constructed for defeating sea monstrosities of all kinds. Developed after the Queen's late husband was killed by an island feeder (colossal sea beasts known for swallowing swaths of land whole), this vessel with an imposing tower-like bridge is loaded up with all types of harpoons, cannons, and magical armor. Some even say that, thanks to a powerful magical engine, the top half of the ship can separate from the brig to chase after flying beasts attempting to get away. With how famous it is, plenty of townsfolk are eager to get a look at the shining bronze beast of a boat. But what's it doing here of all places? [MildlyConcernedGhost]
  22. The Wistful Wanderer - A small sloop with a single cabin in the middle of the deck. A skilled observer might note that the sails and rigging as well as the rudder occasional shift to right the ship or tighten and secure themselves more. The cabin is actually permanently enchanted with a Mordenkainen’s Magnificent mansion and the ship is handled by a permanent crew of 20 unseen servants. It is owned by the Wandering Wizard Wesley Wrycroft. He sails the world at his leisure, seeking trade for scrolls and arcane artifacts. He also regularly hires adventurers to gather difficult to reach artifacts from unworthy hands whenever he finds a lead on the location of such a relic. [Lakandalawa]
  23. The Magic Brawler - A merchant ship with a very strong looking captain comes to port. If the party chooses to look at their items the captain will challenge the party to an arm wrestling match. Beating a DC 20 strength check will award the party one minor magic item from the captain's personal stash, and beating a DC 25 strength check will award a magic item of the DMs choosing. [TheInstitute4]
  24. The Friend Ship - A comfortable looking wooden ship full of people just hanging out on the deck. While aboard this ship you find yourself under the effects of the Charm Person spell to make everyone friendly with each other. [Stormkiko]
  25. The Dragon Ship - Captained by a Dragonborn with a dragon head on the prow, this ship is a merchant vessel crewed by a muscular Dragonborn who sits on the deck smoking a long pipe. The ship has put down for repairs after grazing a rock which tore a few holes in the starboard side. [AndreTheSalty]
  26. Kender - A rag tag ship filled with swashbuckling Kender. The ship looks like it was made from bits and pieces of many different ships.The Kender are very drunk and have no idea how they got to this port. [Slainlion]
  27. The Poor Captain - A ship that looks broken and near sinking, in truth it's one of the most armed ship on the seas. It uses help calls or just their non threatening look to lure ships close so that they can attack them. [DungeonsAndScouts]
  28. The Fisticuffs- A medium sized rowdy ship sits a little way out from the dock. The ship has two massive hands stemming from the hulls on long mechanical arms. The hands have an AC of 25, a damage threshold of 5, and 30 health each. They ship can leave the water and "walk" on the hands. The ship is primarily a combat ship and is crewed by a band of mischevious gnome tinkerers. In addition to attacking (+10 to hit: 4d6 + 8 bludgeoning damage) the hands can also cast Bigby's hand once per day. [dweeb_bush]
  29. The Grain Barge - A large barge with a dirt floor and wheat growing. A single old man lives on the barge, and sells wheat for 2 pountds per copper piece. In the hull of the barge, accessible only by a trapdoor in the old man's shack, is a large pile of carrots. [serious_tabaxi]
  30. Sea Rot - A large gallion speeds into port with a yellow flag raised. As soon as they dock and have paid the docking fee the captain, a large half-orc woman called Mishka, starts calling for help! She reveals that over half of her crew has contracted a strange plague and she fears for her life. She came to port to seek medical assisstance but fears she is infected so dares not go ashore.The plague - Sea Rot - Is highly contagious and air-borne: if a creature comes within 5ft. of an infected creature they must succeed on a DC 17 Constitution save or become infected themself, symptoms take 1d10 days to manifest. The symptoms of Sea Rot are gruesome, starting with the extremities of the body, the body starts depositing water in cytoplasm-like sacks. At the end of every long rest the creature takes 2d6 cold damage and must succeed on a DC 13 Constitution save or suffer 1 permanent constitution damage, the infected creature also has disadvantage on strength and dexterity checks. It can only be cured by magical means that remove a disease.If the party fetches help she rewards them with a small favour and a pouch full of gemstones worth 50gp, in addition, if the party can cure the 20 crew members and contain the plague she offers them passage anywhere, offers an additional 100gp, and her cutlass- a +1 scimmitar that also increases the holder's charisma by 2 while holding it. [dweeb_bush]
  31. Grok's Galley - A medium-sized ship piloted by a Tortle named Grok(He Understands Things)11. The ship is a 2 sailed vessel with few cannons and other wartime mechanisms on them. The crew is very resilient and full of ragtag non-humaniods. Gnolls, Dragonborn, Ratfolk etc.He's about to set sail back home as he's heard of this group of ratfolk that are trying to overthrow the government in his home town. [VKilledTInternet]
  32. The Abigail - An old warship thought to be lost that had been renovated and turned into an inn. It’s run by two very attractive siblings, who turn out to be sirens and one night, they take the boat out to the sea and eat all the passengers. [TardyTortoise]
  33. The Comfort - This massive galleon is an independent freebooter that refuses to pay allegiance to any nation or city. Housing a collection of skilled healers and clerics, the Comfort sails to areas struck by famine, plague, and war, providing healing to whomever requests it. The sailors aboard the vessel have all sworn the same oath, to defend the healers and their patients with their lives no matter the cost.While the Comfort usually is accepted at any port, it sometimes comes under attack when it travels to war torn regions and as such is well equipped to defend itself should it come under attack. [Lakandalawa]
  34. Arabian Traders - An exotic merchant vessel filled with silks, spices, and strange spirits is disembarking. A dashing arabian prince asks basic questions about the city, potentially becoming enamored with one of the party members. He is rich and slightly crazy, and believes anything can be bought for a price. This gets him into trouble when he tries to buy someone's hand in marriage to add to his collection of luxuries and many wives back in his home port. [jfractal]
  35. Deep Sea Scavengar - Salty, untrustworthy sailors (who look like pirates) are disembarking/unloading from their latest voyage. They have been at sea for months, and haven't seen a woman in that long - they openly hit on and jeer at any females in the group with a CHA score of 11 or higher. One sailor tells a fanciful story about sirens that they encountered on their voyage, killing 3 of their men (it's hard to tell if they are serious or not). [jfractal]
  36. His majesty's secret - A heavily outfitted, small warship is in a secret mission from the king. Heavily armed/armored guards stand watch over the docks, turning away everyone, and refusing to divulge their purpose here. [jfractal]
  37. Smallminded Yokels - A small, local fishing vessel filled with xenophobic, small-minded fisherman. The make disparaging remarks about any non-humans if approached. If the party gives them lip, they will get jumped by the crew the next time they wander the harbor at night. [jfractal]
  38. Mussel's Mate - A large fishing vessel that has seen it's better days. Rigging is in tatters, masts are spliced together, mismatched patchworks sails. Oddly enough the captains quarters are extremely well apportioned not at all like the rest of the ship. [hamlet_d]
  39. The Wayward Lady - This ship has an all female crew. The species on board are the outcasts from different lands. They serve as a place for any who are lost to have a home, though men don't tend to stay for long for some reason. After a successful DC 20 insight check it can be found that men on board the ship for 4 months become women. [42firehawk]
  40. The Gypsy - On the deck is what appears to be a stage where beautiful female dancers perform to music provided by a small band of bards. One of the dancers, who is known as the Storyteller, tells stories through song as the rest of the dancers provide her the visuals/backup dancing. Her voice is noticeably quite low for a woman, but is very enchanting nonetheless. An insight check with a DC20 will reveal that all of the performers are cross-dressing men. [Crystalized13]
  41. The Stable - A ship of decent size that carries horses (or any other kind of mount in your game) from port to port and sells them at a decent price to tired and/or injured travelers. It is crewed by a family of six (mother is the captain, father, three sons, three daughters) and a few extras the gathered along their journey, namely; a nice old man who wants to see the world, a young woman with a fiery attitude and an obvious crush on one of the party members, a muscular Dragonborn who has obviously seen some action who now tends to the horses, a bard who offers entertainment to the crew on board and is particularly liked by the children, a mute Druid who helps the horses and is good friends with the Dragonborn (who interprets their sign), and an ex-pirate who loves the sea but wishes to leave their past behind them. [Crystalized13]
  42. The Penny Bucket - The penny bucket is barely a ship. It's looks like a wash-bucket with a wooden T nailed to it and has a large white shirt as a sale. As far as you can tell there's no way to steer, its an utter mystery to you how it ended up in port, let alone why the dock authority would charge it to dock. When you peer inside the bucket you see a small red pseudodragon peacefully sleeping on it's hoard, which consists of 3pp, 16gp, 103sp, and 56cp, 6 rubies worth 30gp, and a dusty diamond worth 300gp , and a small magical trinket of the DM's choice. If woken up the Pseudodragon wakes up and fiercely snarls , cowering, and protecting its stuff. The dragon will trade any of the items in its hoard if the adventurers offer something of value, or a large amount of food. If the party wants to adopt the dragon along with it's hoard it may be won over with gifts and a DC18 animal handling check. [dweeb_bush]
  43. The Crafty Raft - A makeshift raft has floated down the coast and slammed into the dock. There is no one on board and it appears to be unmanned. There is a note fixed to the mast with a tiny butterknife. The note has directions, "at the lightning stump follow the stream and rescue us". The raft, and attached note were made by crafty goblins attempting to lure creatures down the coast right into a trap. The goblins have made finding their hideout incredibly easy. With a DC 5 nature (tracking) check the party can find the tree and follow it down to the river. The real trap is a series of pitfall traps cleverly hidden in and around the stream. If the adventurers continue along the stream they must succeed on a DC18 Perception check to avoid it and must succeed on a DC14 Dexterity save or fall 10ft. into spikes and take 1d6 bludgeoning damage and 2d6 piercing damage. They are then accosted by 2d4 goblins. [dweeb_bush]
  44. The Illusory Boat - Moored in the port is a huge gleaming golden pirate ship, there must be at least 50 richly dressed halflings manning it. There's a long gangplank extending to the dock. Suddenly there's the noise of several cannons firing off. The guards rush over to the ship, fearing that they are attacking the port. They scream at the ship- "come down here and speak to us you cowards, we can't board your ship without permission but we will call the town guard!" A voice calls from the ship yelling insults at the guards aiming to infuriate them till they board the boat. If any one steps on the gangplank they must succeed on a DC 14 Dexterity save or fall into the water, as they do the ship dissapears and it's revealed that the entire ship is a major illusion cast by three giggling wizards who run away from one of the neighboring piers. [dweeb_bush]
  45. The Question - There's a metallic ship floating in the water. From it you hear loud beeping, chirping, and whirring noises coming from it and it's attracted a large crowd of 3d10 townsfolk, who are fearfully inspecting the ship. As you approach closer you begin to hear a voice in all the artificial noises. You hear it asking thousands of questions, in thousands of voices: "who am I?", "why am I here?", "What's that ugly thing over there?", "what is the meaning to life", "Why are there people watching me?", and other creepy remarks that give the idea that the ship is conscious and scared. When the adventurers look into the boat they see a blinking green, light with a swirling marbled texture on it. The light turns red and starts asking questions very specific to the party. Before long it begins speaking in tongues and a flash of blinding light appears. The adventurers make a DC13 constitution save. On a failed save they are blinded for a minute and take 4d4 psychic damage or half as much on a successful save. When the adventurers look again the ship is gone and there is just a small gemstone floating in the water, whispering to the party in tongues that are unintelligible. [dweeb_bush]
  46. The mistake -A small boat that seems to have been renamed fairly recently. The - ake part of the name is in a different calligraphy and color from the rest of the name [Ido97]
  47. The Barnacle - An old weathered gun-ship bearing it's scars from many a battle, but nevertheless being no worse for the wear. Built strong from some ancient hardwoods and it has been well maintained to the best a ship of that age could be. The crew is a rowdy bunch of salty Dawgs that work as hard as they play...and they fight even harder. They may squabble amongst themselves, but don't you dare mess with or insult one of their brotherhood. They have come to port ready to sell their wares, collect their bounty and spend it irresponsibly. All so they can find their next mission and do it all over again. [gothic03]
  48. The Bauntoo - A strange ramshackle ship occupied by amphibious humanoids that spend near their entire lives out at sea, trade in weird cool stuff they've found deep diving into cool underwater locations like ocean ruins, and wont be at port for long. [Swerve-Bro]
  49. The Leviathan - A huge ship listing hard to one side, its mast broken halfway up and the sails drooping to the deck. All of the wood is dark brown, slimy and rotting out. It looks like someone pulled a shipwreck from the bottom of the sea and it remained afloat by some miracle. If the party inspects the ship, they will find it has already been thoroughly looted and all that remains of the crew are skeletons. (Whether the skeletons are animated or not is up to you). The dock guards will tell you that a huge fog rolled in last night and this ship was there when the fog lifted. [painterinsomniac]
  50. The Menagerie - A decent sized merchant ship, this one is run by all sorts of different creatures though none are humanoid. This ship was originally a travelling circus showing off all manner of awakened animals who were kept captive. The animals are quite amiable and will offer carry passengers in exchange for assistance selling their goods in markets. [painterinsomniac]
  51. The Coffin - A casket-shaped ship that contains the body of a 21-ft giant. The top of the casket has been fitted with sails and rigging and is manned by a crew of humans who tell the party that the giant hired them before his death. He always wanted to sail around the world, so half of all his treasures would be given to the crew who sailed him around the world. The money is to be awarded upon the crews return to the giant's family home, and the crew must have an artefact from each land to prove their voyage complete to the family and get their loot. Of course, the crew isn't bothering with actually sailing around the world - they're content to just make port for a year and trade people for ancestral trinkets so they can return to the land of giants in a year and take their massive loot. They've been given a hefty advance to cover the cost of their long voyage, so money is no object. Adventurers can sell their items if the item is from a distinct background (eg a Dwarven Warhammer, an Elven scroll of healing, etc). [Anceaus]
  52. The Lighthouse - This ship is captained by a young cowardly wizard and an equally nervous-looking crew of young human men. Atop the central mast is a large lighthouse light, which the owner uses to keep other ships far away from him while at sea so as to avoid any trouble. If approached, the captain will immediately begin grovelling and handing over loot at the sight of the party's weapons, offering them any onboard services he can think of for his crew to do for them (shoeshines, blade sharpening, armour mending).Turns out it's all an act - the captain is actually a conniving trickster who transports and deals in Light Blue Light, a magical drug that induces paranoia/twitchy behaviour but grants a 1d6 bonus to Strength for a period of 1 hour. [Anceaus]
  53. The Nest - A vaguely ship-shaped bramble of collected branches and tar, this vessel doesn't look like it should even float, much less sail. It's run completely by Kenku's. They love to collect shiny objects and every nook and cranny of the nest is filled with glittering pieces of treasure and trinkets, among which are a range of magical items.Anything can be bought for a price, but what they especially want is for the adventurers to help them get a shiny old chalice that they've spotted beneath the waters of the harbour - they aren't big swimmers. [Anceaus]
  54. The Half-Pint - An average looking, 2nd-rate ship run exclusively by halflings and gnomes. The crew are rolling a large number of barrels off the ship. A DC 13 Investigation Check will uncover that the Half-Pint has almost twice as many decks as a regular ship of that size and the diminutive crew use the extra space to smuggle illegal magical ale that has explosive side effects. If approached, the first mate (a scruffy gnome named Sebastiano who trusts people a little too easily considering his trade) will ask the party if they are 'for hire' or just want a cask.If the party is looking to buy, refer to the to determine what effect their beer has.If they're interested in the job, he would have them guard a supply wagon transporting contraband IPA to an old wizard who lives in an ivory tower in the nearby forest for a sum of 25gp each. What the party doesn't know is that the wizard is in the process of transitioning into a Lich, and the beer is the magical conduit by which he has been transforming. The wizard has the stats of a Revenant if the party chooses to fight him. If an unconscious creature drinks the illegal beer, they will be revived and become Undead. [Anceaus]
  55. The "Blu Moon" - A two masted Caravel. An ocean going merchant ship, that has recently been damaged by pirates, but escaped because they dumped all cargo overboard. The ship is being repaired and expected to be ready in two days. The captain, Quintus "Full" Moon, already has agreed to transport 24 bales of dyed fabric to [INSERT DESTINATION] but is now looking for some more cargo for the same destination. The rest of the crew is: first mate Eldan Wind (m half-elf), bosun Karrla (f half-orc), helmsman Olfie Re (f half-elf), cook Carlin Zwiet (f gnome), and four human sailors: Frenk(m), Ra(f), Tjoris(m) en Huub(m). Huub is a 12 year old boy on his first trip. [Jeeve65]
  56. The Leatherback - A merchant ship from a faraway land. It is made of a beautiful reddish wood and adorned with many colorful flags. About half the crew is made up of tortles and the other half consists of various other races they picked up on their travels. They are very friendly people and will happily buy you a drink or two in exchange for stories of your adventures or of the places and cultures you’ve experienced. If they take a liking to you they're even willing to give you free passage to wherever you'd like to travel... as long as that place happens to be the next port along their voyage. [TheMightyLoaf]
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Evil Organization Intelligence Report: The Forces of Justice

Top Sceret: For the Evil Genius' Eyes Only
The "Forces of Justice", better known as Global Defense Alliances, are an assortment of government counter-terrorist agencies under whose control the world is split over several territories.
They will attempt to thwart your evil plans of world domination. Each organization have their own Super Agent, each one will be thorn in our side until you can find their weakness and get rid of them… permanently. However, there Super Agents are not only thing you have to worry about, for each government counter-terrorist agencies have legions of Agents around the world who keeping watchful eye for criminals and evildoers.
World Domination Map
S.M.A.S.H. A.N.V.I.L. H.A.M.M.E.R. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. S.A.B.R.E
0 - Antarctica 2 - Central Asia 3 - Central Russia 5 - West Coast 1 - Australasia
8 - Middle East 11 - North China 4 - Cuba 9 - Mid-West 7 - Europe
10 - North Africa 13 - Polynesia 6 - Eastern Bloc 12 - Pacific Allies 15 - Southern Africa
16 - South America 17 - Southeast Asia 14 - Siberia 19 - East Coast 18 - The Indian Subcontinent

S.M.A.S.H. is a counter-terrorist agency form by a Coalition of Southern Hemisphere Countries (CoSHC) united in the fight against evil, which control Northern Africa (including the Middle East), South America and Antarctica.
S.M.A.S.H. has the weakest agents of all the Global Defense Alliances, but some of the Coalition Members are some of the richest counties on the planet, allowing S.M.A.S.H. to afford and send in far greater numbers agents into the field then the other agencies.
The Coalition of Southern Hemisphere Countries that formed S.M.A.S.H. is composed out of Non-Aligned Counties and appears to be very mistrusting towards other agencies that represent the Fist World Countries, some of Coalition Members even believes that the Fist World Countries might want to steal their wealth or resources. If we are able to stock this mistrust for other agencies to a burning fever pitch then S.M.A.S.H. has leave the Global Defense Alliances or lose all their funding, either way they will be the first domino to fall.
Marriana Mamba – S.M.A.S.H. Super Agent!
Mariana Mamba - a sultry seductive super spy. It is unclear exactly how she even became an operative for S.M.A.S.H. but she has risen through the ranks to become their finest spy. Mamba grew up deep in the rainforests of the Amazon, until her early teens she had learned to hunt and survive the Amazonian way. It is quite likely that if it wasn't for a badly coordinated aerial strike by drug enforcement officers on a local drug baron's headquarters, Mamba would have remained a feral savage roaming the rainforest. But with her home scorched and most of her tribe dead, Mamba was picked up by S.M.A.S.H. With natural hunting skills and an exotic beauty that men seem to find utterly irresistible, Mariana had everything for a glittering career as a secret agent.
Special Abilities
Savage Alure: Mariana has an exotic beauty that many find irresistible. Minions close to her presence find their loyalty to your evil cause sapped out of them and may in fact leave your service almost immediately.
Indomitable: Mariana Mamba is a Super-Agent and cannot die in normal circumstances. She needs to be defeated in a specific way. You must discover Mariana's weakness before you can defeat her.
Mission: Like other agents, Super Agents are assigned missions; however, they are so skilled that they are given two. Mamba will attempt to sabotage your base like a Saboteur, and also recover loot items like a Thief.
A.N.V.I.L. is a counter-terrorist agency that defend China and Southeast Asia from "foreign influence", which controls China, North Korea, Indochina and Polynesia.
A.N.V.I.L. agents are the second weakest after S.M.A.S.H., the Soldiers and Veterans of A.N.V.I.L. are on par with the ones of S.M.A.S.H. and relay heavy on it ally H.A.M.M.E.R. to bring in the mussel, but their Infiltrators and Saboteurs are highly trained martial arts and sword masters, making them extremely dangerous in close combat.
A.N.V.I.L. are close allies with H.A.M.M.E.R. as the both organizations work for nations with similar ideologies. Planting the seed of mistrust between these agencies will not be easy, but when the roots starts their alliance will rumble down.
Jet Chan – A.N.V.I.L. Super Agent!
Jet Chan is a martial arts supremo, his feet and hands are deadlier than most guns. The A.N.V.I.L. champion of justice, his most notable victory was defeating the Evil Confucian Master - Xing Ho. The evil Mandarin had tunneled into the Great Wall of China and constructed a lair within the wall itself. He planned to hypnotize all the people of China and get them to jump up on the spot at once, causing a massive earth tremor that would send seismic shocks rippling around the globe, destroying the civilized world.
The unique linear configuration of Xing Ho's base played into Jet Chan's hands - he infiltrated the secret lair and moving corridor-by-corridor, singlehandedly defeated every one of Xing Ho's minions in hand-to-hand combat, before striking down the Confucian Master in his Inner Sanctum.
Special Abilities
Preternatural Speed: Jet Chan senses are honed by years of training, he is at one with his surroundings; able to dodge attacks from all sides.
Indomitable: Jet Chan is a Super Agent and cannot die in normal circumstances. He needs to be defeated in a specific way. You must discover Jet Chan's weakness before you can defeat him.
Mission: Like other agents, Super Agents are assigned missions; however, they are so skilled that they are given two. Jet Chan will assault your base like a Soldier, and also recover loot items like a Thief.
H.A.M.M.E.R. is a counter-terrorist agency charged with the defense of all Soviet Nations, which controls Russia along with The Eastern Bloc. and Cuba.
H.A.M.M.E.R. agents are the second strongest after P.A.T.R.I.O.T., the Soldiers and Veterans of H.A.M.M.E.R. take pride that they an equal match with those of P.A.T.R.I.O.T., but H.A.M.M.E.R. leaks skilled Infiltrators and Saboteurs and relays heavy on it ally A.N.V.I.L. to compensate for this weakness.
H.A.M.M.E.R. are close allies with A.N.V.I.L. as the both organizations work for nations with similar ideologies. Planting the seed of mistrust between these agencies will not be easy, but when the roots starts their alliance will rumble down.
H.A.M.M.E.R. has strained relations with the P.A.T.R.I.O.T., as both organizations working for different nations that have opposing ideologies, so we have to wait until the right moment turn this Cold War between these particular agencies hot.
Katerina Frostonova – H.A.M.M.E.R. Super Agent!
It takes a cold heart to kill in cold blood and Katerina Frostonova has only ice where her heart should be.
Katerina Frostonova has been trained and molded by her masters at H.A.M.M.E.R. from an early age. As a toddler she witnessed her parents being gunned down as dissidents in a bungled KGB raid, and so it was her fate to be schooled at the Soviet State Orphanage for Heroes of the Republic. This academy, notorious for creating a long line of deadly assassins, only takes on pupils during their early childhood. Frostonova fitted in like a well-tailored opera glove, exceling in all her classes, and it soon became apparent that she had the necessary detachment from normal human emotions to carry out certain less than savory duties. She has since gone on to become the greatest living assassin and the finest agent in the H.A.M.M.E.R. arsenal.
Special Abilities
Cold Assassin: Frostonova is the deadly assassin, she has an uncanny knack to move through enemy bases as if invisible, striking at the very heart of an operation in much the same way that her stiletto knife unerringly finds the heart of its target.
Indomitable: Frostonova is a Super-Agent and cannot die in normal circumstances. She needs to be defeated in a specific way. You must discover Frostonova's weakness before you can defeat her.
Mission: Like other agents, Super Agents are assigned missions; however, they are so skilled that they are given two. Frostonova will assault your base like a Soldier, and also investigate for further evidence of your misdeeds.
P.A.T.R.I.O.T. is a American counter-terrorist agency that fights for Democracy, Free-Speech and Capitalism, which controls North and Central America and the "Pacific Allies"—Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.
P.A.T.R.I.O.T. agents are the strongest of all other Forces of Justice agents, as their Soldiers and Veterans are an equal match with those of H.A.M.M.E.R. However P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Infiltrators and Saboteurs are better trained and equipped then their H.A.M.M.E.R. counterparts, which give P.A.T.R.I.O.T. decisive edge over their enemies.
P.A.T.R.I.O.T. has strained relations with the H.A.M.M.E.R., as both organizations working for different nations that have opposing ideologies, so we have to wait until the right moment turn this Cold War between these particular agencies hot.
Dirk Masters – P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Super Agent!
Dirk Masters is the bulging P.A.T.R.I.O.T. super-spy. A trained Special Forces operative and veteran of numerous conflicts; he soon found he had the skills to be a brilliant secret agent. Dirk's methods are none too subtle; he's a no-nonsense, gum chewing Yank, whose motto is 'shoot first, and then shoot some more'.
Since foiling a nefarious plot to turn the Great Pyramids into a gigantic nuclear missile, Masters has officially been retired. However, each year something inevitably crops up and the army helicopter carrying his old war buddy Colonel Chase hovers into view at the Masters Ranch in Minneapolis and before you know it Dirk Masters is back, undertaking one last mission for his country.
Special Abilities
Suppression Fire: Dirk Masters' huge bulk lets him carry a phenomonal amount of firepower; this is never more obvious than when he is letting rip with his dual M60 machine guns.
Indomitable: Dirk Masters is a Super-Agent and cannot die in normal circumstances. He needs to be defeated in a specific way. You must discover Dirk's weakness before you can defeat him.
Mission: Like other agents, Super Agents are assigned missions; however, they are so skilled that they are given two. Dirk Masters will assault your base like a Soldier, and sabotage objects like a Saboteur.
S.A.B.R.E. is a British counter-terrorist agency represents Europe and all its colonial holdings, which controls Capitalist Europe, Australasia, the Indian Subcontinent and Southern Africa.
Oldest and most pristine counter-terrorist agency in the world, with their Headquarters in located in London, England. While S.A.B.R.E. agents are middling in terms of strength, but they got the best Super Agent in the entire world.
S.A.B.R.E. is somewhat the unofficial leader of the Global Defense Alliances and has been able of keep the peace between other agencies for many years by balancing ever increasing entangled web of agreements, compromises and cooperation. They are linchpin of the Global Defense Alliances and dislodging them near impossible so long they are allies with other agencies. If we are able to sow enough chaos across the Globe and between other Forces of Justice, S.A.B.R.E. might over reach with their power to maintain order. This will give us the opportunity trick the other agencies thinking that S.A.B.R.E. making grab for power, trying to become the official leader of the Global Defense Alliances and then the whole thing come crashing down, like a house of cards!
Once the Forces of Justice has fall apart and there will nothing in the way for our plans for World Domantion!
John Steele – S.A.B.R.E. Super Agent!
John Steele is arguably the world's finest secret agent. Charming and urbane, his methods are many, all of them equally sophisticated and very deadly. His commendations and decorations are too many to mention here, but over the last decade in service of S.A.B.R.E. he has foiled plots ranging from using robot-controlled sharks to deliver deadly toxins, to halting nefarious schemes by mad industrialists to build secret bases on the Moon. Often the first sign of his approach is an empty cocktail glass at the bar of the nearby Casino, by which time it is far, far too late.
Special Abilities
Base Mayhem: John Steele makes many preparations before infiltrating an evil lair: systems are hacked into, charges are set, all timed to confuse and befuddle while Steele slips into the Inner Sanctum unnoticed.
Indomitable: John Steele is a Super Agent and cannot die in normal circumstances. He needs to be defeated in a specific way. You must discover John Steele's weakness before you can defeat him.
Mission: Like other agents, Super Agents are assigned missions; however, they are so skilled that they are given two. John Steele will investigate your base like an Investigator, and also sabotage objects like a Saboteur.
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Official: [Who Do I Keep?] - Tue , 08/21/2018

Post your "Who Do I Keep?" questions here rather than individual posts.
When answering questions, please make sure to sort by NEW!
Individual Keeper threads posted after this point will be deleted in order to keep the subreddit clean. Post here instead! If everyone sorts by new, your questions should be answered.
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This table will be updated every ~15 minutes.
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[Casino Woodbine] NYE AYCE Buffet 19+

Deal Link
Price: $54 ALL In
Expiry: January 1, 2020
Retailer: Casino Woodbine
Travel to Toronto’s biggest casino in comfort and style! All our shuttle buses run daily including holidays from Scarborough, Markham, North York, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Mississauga, Brampton and Downtown Toronto.
DECEMBER 31, 2018
Winter Chicken Noodle Soup
Seafood Chowder
selection of dressings & toppings
creamy potato salad ontario potatoes – red onions – corn – red pepper fresh herbs – scallion-grain mustard mayo
tomatoes – cucumbers – peppers – celery – black olives fta cheese – oregano – rwed wine vinaigrette
roasted celeriac – red onion – yuzu vinaigrette
peepers – roots – corriander – mint- red onion – pommegranite vinaigrette
potato – onion – manchego cheese -smoked peppers multi herb chimmichurri
warm spices -cranberry – cracked pepper – fresh herb oil
feta snow – pesto oil
peel & eat shrimp – seafood salad – mussels cocktail sauces & lemon
smokehouse ham terrine – kabassa sausage spicy finnochinna
Hot Food Selection
jus – horseradish – dijon – grain mustard
succatash – pan jus
tandoori masala – coconut milk
almonds – garlic herb butter
sea salt – cracked pepper – olive oil
parmesan garlic cream
cornmeal crumbs – blackbean – cilantro chorizo crumble
spinach & salmon stuffing – lobster cheese mornay – garlic breadcrumbs
tomato – gralic – basil – olive oil – italian parsley
rosemary pesto cream sauce – olive oil cured tomatoes – mushrooms
thyme & citrus
warm apple cranberry cobbler
sliced fresh seasonal fruits
chocolate mousse
rice pudding
cream caramel
chocolate banana cake
24 carrot carrott cake
brownies - assorted squares
assorted cookies
Non-alcoholic beverages
soft drinks
Perhaps chek my Freebie threads for FREE FOOD.
Feel Free to Post NYE AYCE Buffets Down Voters! When you're not too busy scarfing down $3 Big Gacs! Limit 3 per day per location
BTW Where is the Down Voter NYEs Event? LOL
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Sunday 2/24 - The Year of Pig Feasts: Chef Matt Abdoo & Chef Eric Milley

Sunday 2/24 - The Year of Pig Feasts: Chef Matt Abdoo & Chef Eric Milley
***One Night Only***
Take 25% off Your 1st Booking with Code "Reddit"


Join culinary rockstars Chef Matt Abdoo (Chef/Owner at Pig Beach & Pig Bleeker) and Chef Eric Milley (Chef/Owner at The Shellmore SC) for our second Pig Feast! Chef Eric Milley is a seasoned NYC vet - he’s worked at places like Jeffrey’s Grocery and The Strand Smokehouse. Now, he is a Renaissance man in his own right, sourcing, cooking, and cleaning - just runnin’ the whole damn show - at his South Carolina wine bar and restaurant, The Shellmore. We are honored to welcome Chef Milley - who combines flavors from New York and South Carolina with flavors from his New England origins - to Pig Beach for this one night only, collaborative Pig Feast.

On The Menu
Cocktail Hour & Passed Hors d’Oeuvres (6-7pm) Drinks Tiger Beer Miller Lite Salty Rinse Albariño Day Owl Rose Austerity Cabernet Sauvignon Pig Beach Transfusion: Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Concord Grape Juice, Ginger Beer
The Food Shrimp Cocktail with Ocean Front BBQ Sauce Clams Casino NE Clam “Chowdah” with Oyster Crackers Oyster Tchoupitoulas Fried Whole Belly Clam with Grilled Lemon Seafood Sampler Basket: Scallop, Calamari, Shrimp, Lemon & Cherry Peppers with Classic Tartar Sauce Moules Tots “Mussels & Tater Tots” “Gavadeels” with Nduja & Clams Baby Back Ribs with Honey Peach Glaze
Dessert “Bawston” Cream Donuts with Candied Bacon
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I'll be in Rhode Island for a little vacation, need some tips!

Hello, I hope these sorts of posts are allowed here. I'm from a city with a sub that really doesn't like tourist-y questions. I hope I don't step on any toes but I'll be visiting Rhode Island next week to celebrate my birthday (25......yikes) so I'll have 4 days to experience the state. I originally come from Connecticut which has influenced my decision to spend my b-day in RI; I miss the quaint little beach towns and just the New England vibe in general.
It'll be my boyfriend and I. He really doesn't like vacations, sitting on the beach, spending money, or anything like that. I, by comparison, love everything. I've only been to Providence once, years ago, when I toured Roger Williams University and got denied. Sad!
I have vague ideas of what I'd like to do, see, and eat, but if any one can provide suggestions, it would be very helpful!
Where To Stay?
I was thinking Providence but Newport also looks super appealing. My plans included staying either in Providence or Newport, and then taking a day to go visit the other, plus Warwick. So I'll be spending at least a day in each major city.
I haven't booked my hotel yet but preferably a place that provides free parking and is close to downtown areas or beaches. My SO and I are not clubbing/partygoing types, we like going to a bar for a few drinks but that's about it. So proximity to clubs is not needed, but having shops and restaurants and cool shit within walking distance is a plus.
I'll have my drone with me and I'm very much a nerd for abiding by the rules and not getting arrested or having my little helicopter shot down. I want to get up early a day or two and stroll a beach and fly the drone around a lighthouse for some sick shots of it and the ocean. What are the best lighthouses to see?
I love seafood. SO enjoys it but is very much more of a porkchop kind of guy. Are there any must-eat places that offer delicacies like oysters, lobster, clams, mussels, etc? As well as any nice, semi-fancy places I should go on my actual birthday.
Best places to shop. I know Providence has that mall so we will definitely visit there. I also adore dumb nautical shit so any outdoor tourist-y stores I should visit?
Other notable things to do and see?
We like aquariums, casinos, breweries (I'm going to visit that sidebar link after I post this) my SO loves cars and big ships, as well as hiking and things outdoors. Museums and zoos we can avoid.
I've been scouring TripAdvisor but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask around here. I apologize if everything is pretty jumbled, the days have been sneaking by me so I figure I had better get this planned asap!
EDIT: I need to reply to everyone a bit later, but thank you so much for all the information! I'm kind of overwhelmed, I need to sit down and organized all the places suggested.
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Sunday 2/24 - The Year of Pig Feasts: Chef Matt Abdoo & Chef Eric Milley

Sunday 2/24 - The Year of Pig Feasts: Chef Matt Abdoo & Chef Eric Milley
***One Night Only***
Take 25% off Your 1st Booking with Code "Reddit"


Join culinary rockstars Chef Matt Abdoo (Chef/Owner at Pig Beach & Pig Bleeker) and Chef Eric Milley (Chef/Owner at The Shellmore SC) for our second Pig Feast! Chef Eric Milley is a seasoned NYC vet - he’s worked at places like Jeffrey’s Grocery and The Strand Smokehouse. Now, he is a Renaissance man in his own right, sourcing, cooking, and cleaning - just runnin’ the whole damn show - at his South Carolina wine bar and restaurant, The Shellmore. We are honored to welcome Chef Milley - who combines flavors from New York and South Carolina with flavors from his New England origins - to Pig Beach for this one night only, collaborative Pig Feast.

On The Menu
Cocktail Hour & Passed Hors d’Oeuvres (6-7pm) Drinks Tiger Beer Miller Lite Salty Rinse Albariño Day Owl Rose Austerity Cabernet Sauvignon Pig Beach Transfusion: Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Concord Grape Juice, Ginger Beer
The Food Shrimp Cocktail with Ocean Front BBQ Sauce Clams Casino NE Clam “Chowdah” with Oyster Crackers Oyster Tchoupitoulas Fried Whole Belly Clam with Grilled Lemon Seafood Sampler Basket: Scallop, Calamari, Shrimp, Lemon & Cherry Peppers with Classic Tartar Sauce Moules Tots “Mussels & Tater Tots” “Gavadeels” with Nduja & Clams Baby Back Ribs with Honey Peach Glaze
Dessert “Bawston” Cream Donuts with Candied Bacon
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Sunday 2/24 - The Year of Pig Feasts: Chef Matt Abdoo & Chef Eric Milley

Sunday 2/24 - The Year of Pig Feasts: Chef Matt Abdoo & Chef Eric Milley
***One Night Only***
Take 25% off Your 1st Booking with Code "Reddit"


Join culinary rockstars Chef Matt Abdoo (Chef/Owner at Pig Beach & Pig Bleeker) and Chef Eric Milley (Chef/Owner at The Shellmore SC) for our second Pig Feast! Chef Eric Milley is a seasoned NYC vet - he’s worked at places like Jeffrey’s Grocery and The Strand Smokehouse. Now, he is a Renaissance man in his own right, sourcing, cooking, and cleaning - just runnin’ the whole damn show - at his South Carolina wine bar and restaurant, The Shellmore. We are honored to welcome Chef Milley - who combines flavors from New York and South Carolina with flavors from his New England origins - to Pig Beach for this one night only, collaborative Pig Feast.

On The Menu
Cocktail Hour & Passed Hors d’Oeuvres (6-7pm) Drinks Tiger Beer Miller Lite Salty Rinse Albariño Day Owl Rose Austerity Cabernet Sauvignon Pig Beach Transfusion: Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Concord Grape Juice, Ginger Beer
The Food Shrimp Cocktail with Ocean Front BBQ Sauce Clams Casino NE Clam “Chowdah” with Oyster Crackers Oyster Tchoupitoulas Fried Whole Belly Clam with Grilled Lemon Seafood Sampler Basket: Scallop, Calamari, Shrimp, Lemon & Cherry Peppers with Classic Tartar Sauce Moules Tots “Mussels & Tater Tots” “Gavadeels” with Nduja & Clams Baby Back Ribs with Honey Peach Glaze
Dessert “Bawston” Cream Donuts with Candied Bacon
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Sunday 2/24 - The Year of Pig Feasts: Chef Matt Abdoo & Chef Eric Milley

Sunday 2/24 - The Year of Pig Feasts: Chef Matt Abdoo & Chef Eric Milley
***One Night Only***
Take 25% off Your 1st Booking with Code "Reddit"


Join culinary rockstars Chef Matt Abdoo (Chef/Owner at Pig Beach & Pig Bleeker) and Chef Eric Milley (Chef/Owner at The Shellmore SC) for our second Pig Feast! Chef Eric Milley is a seasoned NYC vet - he’s worked at places like Jeffrey’s Grocery and The Strand Smokehouse. Now, he is a Renaissance man in his own right, sourcing, cooking, and cleaning - just runnin’ the whole damn show - at his South Carolina wine bar and restaurant, The Shellmore. We are honored to welcome Chef Milley - who combines flavors from New York and South Carolina with flavors from his New England origins - to Pig Beach for this one night only, collaborative Pig Feast.

On The Menu
Cocktail Hour & Passed Hors d’Oeuvres (6-7pm) Drinks Tiger Beer Miller Lite Salty Rinse Albariño Day Owl Rose Austerity Cabernet Sauvignon Pig Beach Transfusion: Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Concord Grape Juice, Ginger Beer
The Food Shrimp Cocktail with Ocean Front BBQ Sauce Clams Casino NE Clam “Chowdah” with Oyster Crackers Oyster Tchoupitoulas Fried Whole Belly Clam with Grilled Lemon Seafood Sampler Basket: Scallop, Calamari, Shrimp, Lemon & Cherry Peppers with Classic Tartar Sauce Moules Tots “Mussels & Tater Tots” “Gavadeels” with Nduja & Clams Baby Back Ribs with Honey Peach Glaze
Dessert “Bawston” Cream Donuts with Candied Bacon
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18/19 Season Preview: Podcast

Hey Hornets Fans!
Last week, I posted on CharlotteHornets asking for your answers to some questions about the upcoming Hornets season for our NBA podcast, "Back to the Basket."
We got some great answers and just recorded and uploaded the episode. Check it out here or wherever you listen to podcasts:
Google Play Music
And a special thanks to those who contributed:
u/robbypbell, u/YizWasHere, u/BizGilwalker, u/Bad_Pandaz, u/walker_harris3, u/tdgtroy, u/robsbob18, and u/CasinoMussels.
If you like what you hear, please subscribe and let us know what you think!
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[GAME THREAD] San Jose Barracuda (9-9-1-3) @ San Diego GULLS (12-10-0-1), 7:05pm.

San Jose Barracuda @ San Diego GULLS Game Thread

San Jose Barracuda (9-9-1-3) @ San Diego GULLS (12-10-0-1) Puck Drop: 7:05pm (PST) - 12/18/2015
Venue: Valley View Casino Center
Starting Goalies:
GULLS: Matt Hackett
Barracuda: Troy Grosenick
Game Notes:
  • The Gulls will look to keep the good times rolling after goalie Matt Hackett's shutout against these very same Barracuda Saturday. If you are going to tonight's game, it's "Teddy Bear Toss" night, Don't forget to stretch your arm, I don't want any pulled mussels or torn rotator cuffs out there!
Thread Notes:
  • Discuss whatever you wish. You can trash talk, but keep it civil.
  • Turning comment sort to 'new' will help you see the newest posts.
  • AHL Radio broadcasts:
  • I've missed you guys, one game thread a week is not enough. . .
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Radio Secret sound

Hi Reddit,
I'm trying to figure out what this sound is: It's a competition for a local radio station to guess it. I'll be happy to split the winnings, but my main prize will just to know what it is! It's been driving me mad for 2 months now!
From the previous answers, it's none of the following:
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Car Wreck Dream

I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was with 3 of my friends driving around what looked like Las Vegas in a 4 seater blue truck. Where we were driving had what looked like a bunch of theme hotels/casinos surrounded by a desert kinda like LV, except the buildings looked sort of abandoned & the main huge difference was an ocean to the east (or right) of us. It was actually a pretty beautiful clash of gaudy architecture, a drab desert and a beautiful coastline.
My friend is driving and turns to me and asks "So what scares you the most?" While I'm trying to tell him, he suddenly accelerates and starts heading straight towards an oceanside cliff. For some reason, none of us panic and tell I him "I think it's spiders, those scare me the most..." we fly over the cliff. No one in the truck reacts to us falling straight down for what seems like 100 ft.
The truck lands and stays straight up on its front bumper, and I say to my friend "I guess this is scary too." We get out and look at the truck and are amazed there's no damage. I look down the beach and there's another truck not far from where we landed in the same exact position with a single driver, dead. He was covered with crabs, barnacles, mussels and kelp.
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Ads for 2017-04-14 (2 / 2)

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gaming People who are now married/have jobs but still are gaming, how does it fit into your schedule? Trying to figure out a way to convince my wife to let me get an Xbox One. Xbox
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[Table] IAmA: I've worked part-time at Chinese restaurants (in the U.S) whenever I get a break from school for the past 8 years, I'll tell you everything you want to know about this business!

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Date: 2014-06-02
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Is uneaten food ever recycled back into the buffet? OH GOD! Sadly, yes! After working at some places long enough, since workers eat off of the buffet as well, you learn to spot what's left from the day before. For example, left over chicken wings are soaked in water over night, fried again the next day and brought out during busy hours to mix in with fresh ones. Re-fried wings are darker in color.
Not all of them recycle food, and those that do select those that can be easily re-cooked. The last place I worked at doesn't save anything at all, it's owned by a family who isn't so greedy like many other owners.
Oh! Forgot one other disgusting practice. When the owner decides to do this they are seriously the greediest bastards in the business. In restaurants that recycle food, they often keep the meat, grind it up and make them stuffing for another item. Here's the nasty bit, some of these places pick out meat from the plates after the tubs are carried into the kitchen. I've never worked at a place that do that, but heard the story from a co-worker who had. I've since been avoiding anything stuffed at Chinese restaurants.
Why do they soak them in water overnight? Is that so they aren't dry when they re-fry them? Cos I'm just thinking that wings soaked in water would splatter like hell once they hit the deep-fryer. Yes, to keep them from getting too dry. The deep fryer is at very high temperature, sure it will splatter but all that water evaporate quickly.
Are health code violations common across all Chinese restaurants? In my area it seems like at least once a year a restaurant closes down because of it then reopens under a new name with the same management. All the restaurants I worked at have violations here and there, many would definitely close down if the inspector show up in the middle of the day. Strangely enough I rarely see the inspectors showing up even though we regularly receive threats from unhappy customers.
A lot of the processed food are put in the container and left somewhere on the kitchen floor (either to cool off, marinate at room temp, or simply for convenience), often without covers. Workers walk around, water splash up from the floor as they walk by. If an inspector really cared they can swab a food container in the kitchen and there will be a lot of bacteria, things are hardly washed, rinsed at best. There are things I don't eat in the buffet because I know how they are made.
There are things I don't eat in the buffet because I know how they are made. Anything stuffed. One item comes to mind is the lobster roll (fried rolls with meat stuffed inside), you can't be certain if the meat is clean.
Food on the floor uncovered? That seems like a relatively easy thing to avoid for potentially making someone very ill. I now sincerely wish Chinese food wasn't so damn good. It's basically impossible for me to remove it from my diet at this point. Covering something is another step you have to spend time to do, isn't it? Remember when I talked about convenience?
Can you give a phonetic annunciation for Tsao? I have heard it called "T-so" or "Sd-ow" and just plain "So" Help a Caucasian out with this so he can order more confidently. "Taw"
Well fuck, I guess people that work at chinese restaurants probably know how to interpret a wide variety of mispronunciations? Well, there aren't other dishes that start with "General", even heard people call it general chicken before.
Not to get all rascist or anything but are you asian yourself? I tried to apply for a job at a chinese restaurant and they wouldn't let me because im white. Not racist at all! I am. They don't usually hire non-Chinese mainly because of language barrier. As you can see they communicate in their native tongue and commonly they are not fluent in English. Secondly, they don't want to hire someone who might report them to the authorities for the things these places typically do (eg. false reporting revenue). And yes, I do speak Chinese.
你看得懂吗? 你说呢?
In my area they hire whites to the delivery. Have seen that, sometime places even have white people answering the phone, they likely got the job through connections.
Yeah, it also isn't just white people that are banned. I know in my area all the restaurants are from different parts of China and have a different dialectic, so they will only hire Chinese from their region. Correct! Chinese DO indeed discriminate among their own people.
What's the most unsanitary thing you have seen? When you stir-fry things, there will be times when a thing or two fly out of the wok when you are flipping them, sometimes they are right on the range, sometime they are on the floor, those things WILL go straight back into the wok. I've seen the chef pick up stuff from the floor and throw it back into the wok way too many times.
Also do you have any opinion on customers who go straight for stuff like crab legs and shell fish and load up platefuls of it (like are these customers frowned upon, are they stereotypically Chinese)? As far as people who go straight for the good stuff, don't we all? You will get dirty looks when you load up on seafood no matter who you are. I personally go to a casino and pay the good money for the better stuff without getting those dirty looks.
I've never been to a casino, what is special about the food there? Is it just the seafood or are there just really nice restaurants targeted toward big spenders. Luxurious pigging out.
What is msg and why is it so bad? It's a flavoring agent, commonly used in Chinese cuisine and industrial food production. It's bad because many Westerners have found themselves to be sensitive to Mono-Sodium Glutamate (MSG); think about Gluten.
If you are allergic to MSG, calling to ask the restaurant if they use it in their food won't help. ALL Chinese restaurants use it, but not all items require it.
Fact: While we are on the topic of allergies. Some restaurants include peanut butter in their Lo Mein. The sauce used to cook Lo Mein is pre-made, about 4 cups of PB in a 5 gallon bucket of sauce, so there is a chance that someone with peanut allergy has eaten Lo Mein containing peanut butter.
Glutamate and gluten are completely different things. The bad rep for msg was some suspected health concerns raised in the 90s, which have since been proven to not be a thing. It acts a bit like a salt, so can dehydrate you. But otherwise you're fine. I know they are different, I actually did a meta-analysis research project on the effects of MSG. I was just referring to how people are reacting to the discovery of the "supposed" detrimental health effects of MSG and Gluten. People feared MSG just as people avoided Gluten even though they are not Gluten intolerant. Edit: well, I guess I shouldn't have assumed people know what's behind this gluten-free trend, many people who are doing gluten-free diet can't tell you what is it!
There is no such thing as an MSG allergy. They only people that claim to have one are hypochondriacs or "Internet health nuts" that don't know what MSG really is. At least that's what a lot of the research on this topic says, but placebo can be a bitch depending on what you're trying to test.
Do you guys make any actual authentic Chinese Food or is it all American Chinese? Ask any new Chinese immigrants they will tell you they've never had anything in the typical Chinese buffet in the U.S, even if they had something with the same name in China, the American version will be tweaked. There are exceptions nowadays with some new restaurants bringing authentic Chinese food to standing out in the competition.
Edit: the amount of sugar required in the typical Chinese buffet food is definitely not "Chinese".
the amount of sugar required in the typical Chinese buffet food is definitely not "Chinese". Ha - you've obviously never been to Shanghai. Well, I guess I should have said the percentage of dishes requiring large amount of sugar is definitely not "Chinese". I'm not denying that some Chinese cuisine utilize lots sugar, but not all dished they do. In an Chinese buffet, pretty much all items had sugar added.
Does your restaurant you work at have authentic Chinese food or is it all American Chinese typical? And the answer is yes and no. I have worked at many and am not working at one right now. You want authentic Chinese, go to China-Town.
I know where it is. I was just asking and was curious. I wanted a straight answer. Thanks. What do you mean you know where it is?
Obviously this is illegal. Do local authorities just overlook a lot of this like illegal immigrant field workers? Is there a known protocol illegals know to follow when the authorities show up? They run if they can. Couple years back the ICE actually bust into these houses WITH FULL TACTICAL GEAR AND ASSAULT RIFFLES in the morning to arrest workers, some of these houses have kids living in them too, to a point they couldn't book more people into their local office, the bail was like 10k for females, and 30K for males. They made good money doing that for a while. There are states that enforce these laws more, and illegal workers avoid working in those states.
Edit: Lots of couples have kids here, they become an Anchor Baby
No matter what I do, I can't get homemade fried rice to taste like the genuine article. Is there a trick that I'm missing here? (Peanut oil? Chicken stock instead of water? MSG?) First things first, are you certain that your white rice is cooked right? That's the mistake a lot of people make right off the bat.
I've always wondered - how much of the buffet items are made from scratch and how many are frozen/pre-packaged and then just fried or heated up before serving? Any specific examples? Almost all from scratch depending on the which restaurant you go to. The only things I've seen that come in frozen are the fried stuff. A busy buffet sometimes buy Egg Rolls pre-packaged because it's time consuming to make. Onion rings, french fries...everything that's definitely not Chinese is bought in a package.
What are some "off menu" items that pretty much every Chinese restaurant makes for non-Western customers. How can I get Chinese restaurants to sell me authentic Chinese food? There is no such thing, these places would not go through the trouble to serve someone something different. China Town = Authentic Chinese food. Link to
Dogs ? Not at the Chinese restaurants Americans are familiar with.
There are restaurants in some Asian countries that specialize in dog meat, and they farm raise these dogs, just like how people harvest horse meat in some European countries.
If I get an all-you-can-eat Buffet what do I need to stack my plate with the get the most value for money? Seafood, you get dirty looks when you chow down on plates upon plates of seafood, best bang for the buck!
How is the sauce for the basic stir fried vegetables made? I love it as a side and have no idea how to make it at home. Every recipe I find is for something with teriyaki or hoisin sauce. All I want is the clearish sauce used in 99% of Chinese restaurants for the stir fried mixed vegetables. Chicken stock brought to boil, add salt & pepper, scallions, sesame oil, add corn starch to get the right consistency then cover veggies with sauce.
Everything he said..a little garlic and white pepper is good too. Yeah, definitely forgot about the garlic, toasted in the wok with tiny bit of oil before pouring chicken stock into the wok.
With there being so many items on this menu, I suspect most of them share preparation, so its not really that difficult to prepare all of the options? Or do the chefs really have their work cut out for them with so many options? As far as preparation, things can get very specific for each item, that's why people keep complaining about how they can't replicate something they had at the Chinese place at home.
That's good to know, also explains where there is a difference between these otherwise seemingly similar "fast food" Chinese place. So...what's that roasted chicken recipe? Link to
The sauce used for chicken feet (black beans). What is the recipe? I've always asked the chef for the recipe for the black beans sauce, but it's a lot of trouble like many other sauces they use, it involves many steps. Cooking at the restaurant is quite different than what online recipes tell you to do, you don't add ingredients as you go. The sauces are made in large amount at a time, and stir-fry is really mixing all the meat and veggies with the sauce after they are deep fried or blanched.
I've tried several recipes I found on the net, none of them are like the restaurants. Edit: I remember one thing that made replicating the sauce difficult is that one ingredient may be the byproduct of some other food they make.
Do you work in a Chinese buffet catering to non-Asians or ones that Asians go to? Have you heard of the Zen Buffet chain in Southern California? I'm Asian and it seems Zen Buffet is the only one my family and friends will go to. The ones I've worked at catered to the general American population. I have never been to CA, so I have never heard of Zen Buffet.
Where are the oysters sourced for the oysters with black bean sauce? Why are they always the biggest oysters I've ever seen? They're easily the size of my hand or bigger and Asian buffets are the only place where I see them. Are you talking about mussels w/ black bean sauce? A lot of people confuse that with oysters. Regardless, they are farm raised, mostly in Latin America (in countries like Guatemala).
Where do the desserts come from? All Asian buffets seem to have the exact same desserts. The square of cake with jelly top, the jelly roll, the macaroon, etc. Desserts are made by dessert factories and sold in brown cardboard boxes. One of the pastry company is called King's Pastry in Ontario, Canada. These companies supply wholesale companies that deal with the Chinese restaurants; a nationwide Asian restaurant wholesale company is called Asian Foods. I worked for a boss that knew the founder of Asian Foods personally, he started the first Chinese buffet in a state, and there were no supply companies at the time so he had to buy everything from a grocery store, that grocery store was owned by the founder of Asian Foods who saw the potential in supplying the Asian restaurant business.
Thanks for the reply! Yea, Southern California has lots of Asian buffets where the main clientele are Asians (and Hispanics, but mostly Asians). Zen buffet has the biggest name recognition amongst all the Asian buffets around here. I love Hot and Sour soup (that's how I normally gauge a Chinese restaurant's quality), so I wish I could find a buffet that had a good one. It's always this thickened soy sauce water with random bits of egg and bamboo suspended in it. No, oysters with black bean sauce. They use these giant oysters, spoon on some black bean sauce, and bake. Only 6 or so fit in one of the steam table pans on the buffet, so they're gone in seconds (usually because one person camped out and got all six and the next batch is 30 min away). The crab legs are REALLY salty! I guess that's why. Although, since they charge for soda and Asians don't usually order a drink that costs extra when they go to the buffet. Only the non-Asians will order the $2.39 drink, so that's only 1/4th of the clientele. I wish they wouldn't delay the premium items since everyone ends up camping out for them (and stealing tongs from other stations so they can also be grabbing crab even though they're not first in line). Because it's so rare to have a batch put out, everyone grabs as much as possible as fast as possible. I'm convinced that if they would just keep it continuously stocked, people would just grab what they could eat and they would end up going through less crab in the long run. Good to know about the desserts. I've always wondered about that because every Asian buffet in California has the exact same setup of desserts. Do you guys do the sliced bananas in that fluorescent red syrup? What the heck is that syrup? Strawberry sauce, that's it, same as those you would put on waffles. Some places even use sauce that has strawberry chunks. You can't taste the strawberry in that dessert? Now you know, make them at home!
How common is it for an American to come in who speaks Chinese? Do most Chinese restaurant workers in the US speak mandarin or cantonese, or is it mixed? My mandarin is not amazing, but not terrible either (according to my Chinese friend). If I tried to order in chinese, would they be just be offended? It's becoming for prevalent with Westerners going abroad to China, for school or business. Most of the restaurant workers speak Mandarin, and this business is dominated by people immigrated from China's Fujian province, the province right next to Taiwan across the ocean. There people came from the City of Fuzhou and the surrounding area, they have their own regional language (people often call it a dialect, suggesting it's a variation of Mandarin, but in reality is a completely different language). They wouldn't be offended, actually a "老外(Lao Why)" (Chinese word for non-chinese person) speaking Chinese is very fascinating to them.
Also I remember going to a Chinese take out place near me once and they actually had the chinese catalog for take out restaurants sitting out for people to look at...what is the name of this catalog? Seemed like it was something nationally circulated throughout the chinese take out community. Pretty sure it's the Chinese newspaper, they often print weekly or bi-weekly so they can get quite thick.
Why did no one ask him what he WOULDNT order at a chinese restaurant??? ahhh now i wanna know what i should stay away from... Anything stuffed. You never know if the meat is clean.
GGOP XD thanks. But now I must break up my love affair with crab rangoon sad face Crab rangoons are fine. It's the stuffed meat that's sketchy.
How would I, a college student, get into working part time at Chinese buffets during school breaks? Are you Chinese? do you speak Chinese? If you are non-Chinese, you better speak Chinese. If you can't speak Chinese, you better have connections with the owner or know people working there.
Edit: Chinese buffets really aren't non-chinese worker friendly, plus the hours are horrible.
Yes, I'm American born Chinese. I can speak at a conversational level, but I'm just worried that I wouldn't be able to hold my own in a restaurant setting. People are very judgmental there, mainly on your efficiency at working this laborious job. Some people are just mean for no reason, keep in mind, many of these workers spend 6 days a week, 12 hours a day working in there, after 10-15 years some of them develop personality problems. I've seen many people like this.
Is the iced water at a chinese buffet okay to drink or should I go for something else like hot tea or a Coke? They are fine, comes right out of the soda fountain, if not, it's just from the faucet. It really depends on if you have a sensitive stomach, if you drink from the faucet at home you'll be fine drinking water at the restaurant; generally you should concern more about the food than the water.
Why do all Chinese food come in same cardboard barrels? Not all, but it's just the way it got started, they keep it the same way to give you that sense of consistency, you correlate consistency with authenticity.
How much food do we need to eat at the all you can eat that you guys loose money? You can't, the whole point of buffet is people with big appetite balance out with people with small appetite, so at the end of the day, they don't really lose money. But if you really want to know how much you personally would get your money's worth, 5-6 plates full should do it for a buffet that costs around 12 bucks (depending on what they serve), or you can do two full plates of crag legs.
After working at these restaurants, would you ever take a date to any of the buffets you've worked at? I would depending on the occasion. Saw some kid brought his prom date to the buffet, both still in their full outfit for the night...
Is any of the food really 100% vegetarian? I've been lied to so many times by Asian restaurants. No. Everything deep fried (even vegetarian) is done in the same deep fryer with the same oil. Some veggie only dishes are deep fried in the oil for a second or two (instead of blanching with water), this process makes the food look better when it's done. The only things I can think of is guarantee 100% vegetarian is the steamed vegetables...well, they are boiled with water, no steaming at all.
Edit: example, spring rolls are fried in the same oil as the pork egg rolls.
Why do you work in Chinese restaurants? Are those jobs just easy to get if you are Chinese? Is there something else you like about it? It all started when I was hanging out at a family friend's restaurant when I was a kid, then I started helping out here and there, nothing seriously; I would some times head over to Blockbusters to play games when I get bored. Then I was looking for a job when I started high school like many other kids, filling out applications and all but none responded. Then the idea of working at a Chinese place began. You don't need applications, you agree to work, the owner agrees to hire, and you start the next day. Pay all in cash at the end of the day if you wait tables. The thing I like about it is I can work whenever I decide to spend my break from school working, I just call the place and ask if they have opening, sometimes they just tell someone else to go on vacation and return when I am back to school, and people who work full time there are pretty willing to leave for a bit since they typically work 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, so they need the break.
Edit: the job isn't necessarily easy, you need to work fast and efficient, if you can't do that you'll get fired as fast you can get hired. I actually hate this job overall, you meet so many horrible people, not just you wouldn't want them as your customers but you just wouldn't deal with them in life in general.
OK. This is really late. I love Chinese food, my girlfriend is from mainland China, I can speak like three words of Chinese. And nowhere in all of my compendium of knowledge, either direct or through my girlfriend have I found a good General Tsos's recipe. The recipe is complicated that's why. People can't make it because it takes so long, even the chef don't make them when they are home. Here is the brief process just to show how time consuming it is to make this dish. I don't have the full recipe though. Batter is made with eggs and other flavoring. You have to add the right amount of everything to get the right consistency otherwise you can't get the right crunch after you fried the chicken. The sauce is prepared separately. Lots of ingredient: chicken stock, soy sauce, lots of sugar, that sugary water inside canned pineapple, ground chilli pepper... Chicken is covered in batter and deep fried, then let to cool. when order comes in, the fried chicken is again deep fried. Then the sauce is brought to boil in a wok, fried chicken is then pour into the sauce and "stir fried", corn starch is then added to bring that sticky, gooey goodness. so yes, all the seasoning is done before hand.
How do you make that tasty tasty chicken happen?
Any food that you think is the safest bet at any Chinese restaurants? The typical fried rice and lo mein, they are simple with few ingredients, there aren't many things you can do with them to be greedy and save on costs.
If you're still taking questions, can you tell me some awesome recipes? Or was it all mostly pre-packaged stuff? Roast chicken: Use chicken thigh meat or breast, cut them into pieces that are about .5-1 inch thick and 3-4 inches wide.
For about 3 pounds of chicken: Sauce: Half an onion, 4-5 slices of ginger, 3 table spoons of oyster sauce, 3 table spoons of salt, 3 table spoons of oil, 1 table spoon of pepper, 6 table spoons curry power, 2 table spoons of cooking wine, 1 table spoon of MSG (or not), add hot sauce if you like spicy food. Mix everything together and marinate the chicken in it overnight inside your refrigerator.
Cooking: lay each piece flat on aluminum tray, pop into oven for 45 minutes on 425 F. turn all pieces half way to get them evenly cooked.
*I'm not certain on the proportions, I just eye ball everything when I cook, so all the numbers are just what I think is the amount I add.
Alright wisbucky. Everything you have said has been spot on. Im sure you have seen my other post about me working for chinese restaurants for nearly 20yrs of my life(from delivering, serving, bartending, managing, POS support, marketing, web development etc) What is "the VERY BAD!"? Have you read the comment where I talked about recycling left over meat from customer's plate for stuffing in a different item (eg. lobster rolls)?
Awesome ama, read through the whole thing cause I love chinese food. Hope I'm not too late but how is the beef in all chinese dishes so tender? This has puzzled me for a long time. I'm pretty sure it's flank, and the high heat shock factor in a wok could be it, but very difficult to replicate since you need the special high heat burner. Is there any industry trick to it? They are kept in a thin batter, pretty much add flour to the beef, provided that there are still quite a lot of moisture on them, add little water so the mixture of beef and batter isn't too dry; you are going for the thin runny, slimy coating over the meat. When it's time to cook, you deep fry them half way done, then prepare the beef however you want in the second half of the cooking process.
Edit: oh, pretty sure it's corn starch instead of flour.
Do you have a god recipe for breading? I've tried several and the breading is always falling off, limp and wettish, absorbing too much oil, etc. I don't have a good recipe for breading.
Be honest, would you eat there? I do, all the time! I go to buffet dates with my friends while I'm not working and at school.
Are you talking about a single restaurant? or multiple ones (and how many)? Where are you located? Where any of them better or worse than the others in terms of health and safety? Talking about my experience working in multiple restaurants, but things pretty much are the same across the country. I'm in the midwest, and I can't name any establishments for obvious reasons, sorry!
Can't believe no one asked... At places where both are served, any difference between the buffet food and the made-to-order food? No difference, the chef just make the small portions for the made-to-order, that's all.
Where do they get their cat? This was an AMA about Chinese restaurants. If you have questions regarding pussy wholesale, you need to consult your mother.
How's is General Tso's Chicken really made? Link to
How do I hook up with one of the Chinese waitresses? The same way you would any other waitresses if there is no language barrier.
Are they careful about the food they serve ? Perhaps if it fell on the floor, do they just pick it up and serve it anyway ? Ever had any incident when someone spit/peed/masturbated in the food ? Link to
No excrement involved in the cooking process. But, there was this chef who has the habit of picking his nose as he waits for the food to get done, the owner warned him some many times.
Recently went to a hibachi buffet that had a very large sushi bar. I had about 3 plates full of sushi then dessert. If it cost $12 for unlimited food, did I get my money's worth and did the workers hate me? Around 3 plates FULL of sushi I think you got your money's worth, but also depend on which kinds you had, the raw ones generally cost more because those require higher quality fish. It's quite common for people to have that amount of sushi if they are solely there for that, so waiters get quite used to seeing that, but around 5 plates will get your money's worth and people will hate you.
Did you ever work at a restaurant with "yellow" fried rice? Yes, it's food coloring added after the white rice is done cooking and before it's fried in the wok.
Why do you keep working at Chinese resturants? No other skill set, can't speak the language fluently, and illegal residence status usually put a stop to whatever dream they had before coming to the U.S.
Why are so many of the main dishes sweet but the desserts taste bland and sugarless? Restaurants add as much sugar as they want to their dishes, but they buy the desserts in package.
Any warning signs that a place is overall substandard and that they do this type of meat grinding from left overs? I have to admit, I hand't been to a buffet in a while and went to one a couple weeks ago. There just seemed to be a lot of strange things, odd textures and smells that alarmed me. Trust your instinct, that's pretty much what I do when I eat at a place I don't work at.
Anthony Bordain once said a good judge is by checking out the bathroom. If they can't keep that clean, and it's an area open to the customer, than go elsewhere. Applies for all restaurants.
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